“Every Stone Tells a Story”—How I’m Incorporating Natural Design Elements in Our Malibu Beach House

Stone is among the most grounding and calming elements in a home. It is also one of the most historical, with roots dating back to the earliest days of civilization. Over centuries, its gravitas, texture, and earthiness have remained unparalleled, which is why stone continues to play a prominent role in interior design today. These characteristics are what inspired me to turn to stone to elevate key areas of our Malibu renovation.

Working with Eldorado Stone—the iconic brand revered for its wide range of stone and brick veneer products—our plans include statement walls on our modernized beach bungalow’s exterior. The home’s serene minimalism will be balanced by the timeless aesthetic that only stone can provide. The result will be a fluid beauty from the outside in. There are floor-to-ceiling windows and large glass doors throughout, so these exterior walls will feel almost like part of the interior design. You’ll see them through the glass from every vantage point.

grand banks limestone eldorado stone

A Global Inspiration

I looked to incorporate stone after being inspired by its prominence in Spanish and Italian country houses and was impressed by the elevated quality and natural look of Eldorado Stone’s collection. “We pull samples from every corner of the globe and follow a detailed, rigorous process to decide which materials have the strongest potential to add to our portfolio of products,” says Sarah Lograsso, director of portfolio management for Eldorado Stone.

The company’s craftspeople hand-sort through natural rocks, choosing stones of pristine shape, size, and detail. From there, they design special molds from which to create natural-looking manufactured stone pieces. They call to mind all the walls I’ve been pinning from country homes throughout Europe. 

country rubble eldorado stone

In the Details 

An affinity for perfection is something that Eldorado Stone and I have in common. This home is all about the clean lines and simplicity of materials, so it’s important that every element be thoughtfully selected. From Eldorado’s vast collection, I’m leaning toward Country Rubble, a rough-faced stone that harks back to simplistic European dwellings, in either the gray-toned Palermo or neutral Bella.

I was drawn to the rustic edges, rich texture, and natural color palettes of each, which are authentic stone attributes Eldorado celebrates. “Stone is also very textural and tactile, which lends some additional richness in terms of visual appeal,” says Lograsso. 

An affinity for perfection is something that Eldorado Stone and I have in common.

blance facade eldorado stone

All Together

The design-minded stone exterior will lend a timelessness juxtaposed with the home’s contemporary design, Scandinavian-inspired timber cladding, and rustic corrugated metal roof. I think of the mix of elements as unexpected yet simple. Ultimately, the finished blend will be cohesive with the coastal landscape and a beautiful homage to an ancient aesthetic.

“We like to say that stone tells a story,” says Lograsso. “It’s one of the most prolific design materials on the planet, and it has been for thousands of years.”