“People Are Tired of Playing It Safe”—Designers Predict 2024’s Top Home Trends

Beige and clean white kitchens had a good run, but it’s thrilling to witness a move toward bolder hues and unique touches as we head into the New Year. To get a temperature check on what’s to come, we tapped talented designers to share their 2024 design trend predictions.

Warm hues and maximalism are in, as are bathrooms (or wet rooms) that feel more like spas. There’s a focus on mixed metals, sculptural wood, and sustainability done well. A crisp, clean white will always be in, but as Chicago-based designer Devon Wegman says, “People are tired of playing it safe—at least we are—and sticking with neutrals everywhere. Today, we’re incorporating more and more graphic stone, provocative artwork, and statement chandeliers. People no longer want their home to look just like their neighbors, and in order to do that, it’s critical to take risks.”

These are the experts’ best bets for the top design trends of 2024.

Featured image from our interview with Amanda Gunawan.

Maximalist kitchen - 2024 design trends predictions
Image by Nathan Schroder

No More Gray Haze

“Any remnants of the gray trend for paint and flooring stains will officially say goodbye in 2024—finally!” says Eddie Maestri, principal architect and founder of Maestri Studio in Dallas, Texas.

Peak Peterson, interior design principal at Hoedemaker Pfeiffer in Seattle seconds that sentiment. “Cool gray rooms are on the way out, as a preference for warmth and dimensionality is becoming more popular,” she adds.

Modern bathroom.
Image by Dustin Halleck

The Rise of the Wet Room

“Something I hope more people will lean into is the concept of a wet room,” shares Devon Wegman (she/her), Founder and Design Director of Devon Grace Interiors. Incorporating a bathtub right into your shower space (and not the tub-showers you had growing up) allows you to soak while capturing the steam and heat in the space, making the tub experience even more luxurious.”

White bathroom.
Image by Lance Gerber

Spa-Like Amenities At Home

And speaking of wet rooms, several designers are predicting more luxurious bathrooms all around.

“With the push to work from home and exercise at home we’ll see more spa time at home,” shares Brad Ramsey of Nashville-based Brad Ramsey Interiors. “Steam showers, infrared saunas, and cold plunges are being incorporated more and more into our designs as they get more affordable and accessible.”

Designer Peak Petersen also envisions elevated bathroom lighting in 2024. “A step past a simple sconce pair flanking the mirror, 2024 will explore the options of backlit mirrors and wall washing with integrated ceiling lighting which adds a minimalist edge to the bathroom,” shares the interior design principal of Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

Purple powder room.
Photo by Read McKendree

The Power of Purple

“We saw this emerge slowly, but a new color family has now taken the town by storm: purple–but not the purple that pops to mind!” shares Joshua Smith, principal and founder of Joshua Smith Inc. “Think deeper shades like plum and amethyst, even deep magenta. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, from a psychological perspective, purple promotes harmony of the mind and the emotions.”

Demaudecia Taylor, a color consultant for Farrow & Ball, notes that this 2000s trend resurgence comes with a modern twist. “Instead of using these colors solely for small powder rooms, people are now using rich shades like Preference Red No. 297 and Brinjal No. 222 to create intimate and cozy spaces in large areas such as bedrooms and formal dining rooms,” Taylor notes.

Modern dining room.
Image by Jenifer McNeil Baker

Sleek Sustainability

Smith expects an even greater push toward green living this year, with better education for clients and transparency for vendors. And when it comes to recycled materials, architect principal Tori Masterson of Hoedemaker Pfeiffer anticipates a more polished look.

“Rustic reclaimed materials are on their way out, to be replaced by reclaimed materials that have been refurbished and revived for their next life,” Masterson notes.

White kitchen with large windows.
Image by Laurie Black

Beyond Bringing the Outdoors In

“Nature will be embraced in design in 2024, but it’s not just about bringing the outdoors in—it’s making a part of the design,” shares Katie Browning and Heather Lucas of Lucas Browning Designs. “We will be incorporating large windows framing picturesque views, skylights that invite starry nights, and mirrors strategically positioned to multiply the goodness.”

White modern bathroom.
Image by Zeke Ruelas

“We’re seeing a lot of clients request extra long sinks these days—anywhere from four to six feet long,” shares Wegman. “With that, we’re able to fit two main faucets, filtered water dispensers, disposal switches, and soap pumps (one for hand soap, one for dish) with plenty of room to spare.”

Curved living room furniture - 2024 design trends predictions
Image by Jenifer McNeil Baker

Curved Love

Designers agree: curves are here to stay. “Whether they are on a furniture silhouette or in the actual architecture, they are back in a big way and softening our living experiences,” Ramsey says.

White kitchen.
Image by Jenifer McNeil Baker

Less Open Kitchens

“Open kitchens are on their way out as people crave segmented spaces after the adjustment to work from home,” shares Maestri. “In terms of what’s in for kitchens, clients are opting for built-ins to look like furniture instead of traditional cabinetry, and there’s a pull toward retro details such as the use of tiles on countertops and tables.”

Printed wallpaper in bathroom.
Image by Haris Kenjar

Several designers are predicting more powder-coated pipes and less expected metals, like pewter, rose gold, and polished copper. It all essentially confirms one of Pinterest’s 2024 Home Decor Trend Forecast predictions—”Hot Metals: Melty metallics will make their way into the mainstream in 2024 as people trade in their trusty neutrals for something a bit more hardcore.”

Twin beds in bedroom.
Image by Read McKendree

Warm Layers

“This year, the color palette is all about warm neutrals, and we are even seeing a resurgence of pastels—a dash of pastel pink for a sweet touch, moody blue for a mysterious allure, light blue like a clear sky, and soft yellow or bold ochre to add a sunny pop,” Katie Lucas and Heather Browning of Lucas Browning Designs. “Together, these shades create a room that’s not just stylish but also oozing with comfort and charm.”

Interior designer Brad Ramsey calls it “tailored eclectic.” “That term usually elicits images of cluttered rooms with no true design direction,” he notes. “But no more, it’s time to layer it up the right way.”

2024 design trends predictions
Image by Matti Gresham

Organic Shapes, Textures, and Colors

“I think designers and consumers will draw inspiration from nature and incorporate more organic shapes, textures, and colors using materials like raffia, bone, and papier-mâché,” says Jamie Young, founder of Jamie Young Co. “I’m expecting to see a shift in decor trends, emphasizing individual expression with handmade, artisanal décor opposed to the reserved and minimalist style choices that have been prevalent in the past few years.”