“As Long As It’s Intentional, the Day Feels Whole” —Adriene Mishler on the Transformative Power of Movement

Find Your Ritual

From the way we drink our coffee in the morning to how we set the table and invite others to gather around it, rituals are a cue to show up fully and find beauty in each moment. Here’s how some of our favorite people weave rituals into their daily lives. See All

We’re big fans of Adriene Mishler, who you likely know in the online world as Yoga with Adriene. With over 12 million YouTube subscribers, a community of 1.3 million on Instagram, (and countless devotees across the world), we feel pretty lucky to have gotten a little behind the scenes of the very talented Find What Feels Good CEO’s daily rituals.

Adriene’s outlook on routines and finding time for herself amidst a busy schedule is refreshing, approachable, and—zero surprise—full of feel-good moments. Ahead, she shares what she’s learned by committing herself to supportive practices, connecting with others, and living out her intentions each day. There’s wisdom to be found in all of her words, and we can’t wait to weave every bit of it into our own lives.

What’s something you’re committed to doing every single day, no matter what?

No matter what, I am committed to saying a prayer and moving my body each day, both with intention. The approach may change from day to day—but as long as it is intentional, the day feels whole.  

What’s the first thing you do each morning?

First thing in the morning, I drink water and take care of Benji and my plants. Watering myself, opening the blinds for the plants to receive their light, and tending to my darling friend is honestly how I begin. In that short little time I get to check in. I am not saying I don’t hustle some mornings, but through that sweet holy trinity of movement I can at least take stock of how I want to move into the day. And the days are usually full, so focusing on the how is a real gift. I encourage all of my friends to focus on that because how you move influences how you feel in any given moment. 

How you move influences how you feel in any given moment. 

Are there any daily or weekly “chores” you always enjoy?

I clean like my grandma Emma Martinez—deep, daily, with pleasure, and with a high bar. But this is because I rely on my space to reflect back to me an environment that resembles how I want my energy to be. Unhurried, present, clutter-, and chaos-free. I love to sweep and I enjoy making my bed. I do not enjoy putting laundry away.  

Is there a scent you use to relax?

I love a classic, comforting sandalwood. It grounds the space while also giving it some character.  

Does music play a part in your daily life?

Music plays a huge part in my daily life. I am definitely one of those people who have some sort of soundtrack playing almost all hours of the day. Music is such a powerful tool for bolstering an energy, a focus, and helping to build an environment.

I think the fact that my parents had music in the house a lot and growing up in Austin has led me to value the role music plays in our lives. I love to put together soundscapes for projects and playlists for people and places, and I enjoy working with music playing. I think the only time I prefer quiet is while reading, sleeping, or in Savasana to end my yoga practice.  

How do you keep yourself energized throughout the day?

Mostly by remembering to build in breaks. When I do not have short breaks in between meetings or tasks, I notice the toll. Just because I can do it, doesn’t mean I should. I find that when I remember to build in those little breaks to step away for a snack, to water the garden, move my body, or help a friend, I am able to return to my work tasks with a better sense of self and the energy I want to offer.  

On the weekends or days off, I love to recharge over slow meals, long walks, and sometimes massage. Doing this on the days off plays a big part in my staying energized later in the week—especially when I have to be ON for many hours of the day. 

Where do you turn for inspiration when you’re feeling creatively blocked?

Oh so many places to turn! My best ideas come when I am driving on a long road trip. I love this setup as I cannot be distracted too much, I can listen to podcasts, music, and be with my thoughts following them wherever they go as I drive and drive. Same goes for being in nature, though this can take some time if I have been spinning a lot of plates.

I am also truly very inspired by my friends and community. When I see someone put their heart into something and think for themselves from that place, I am in awe and admiration. It gives me great hope. Finally, I have a background in film and theatre, so going to the movies, a play, or sitting down for a film night can also get my wheels turning. In fact, I am thinking of producing a play again in Austin. Should we do it?  

What do you do to prioritize health and wellness?

Remembering that I am a role model helps me prioritize my health and wellness. And before anyone goes rolling their eyes, I think it is important to remember that we are all role models! We model our approach to life for the young people in our lives, our loved ones, our neighbors, and our community at large. It’s a sweet realization to remember: you matter. In this season my life, keeping that affirmation at the forefront has helped me give more time on the calendar back to myself and my health. Without guilt, shame, or difficulty.  

What’s the best career advice anyone has ever given you?

The best career advice anyone gave me was when I was acting professionally and considering whether or not to move to LA after I had worked on a David Gordon Green movie here in Austin with Nic Cage. The advice was to seek an environment to have a voice in that could work in tandem with my acting. The idea being that if I can own my voice somewhere, I will always have something I care about to pour into.

As a working actor, you often shape shift at other’s demand and call. This advice to me as a young, hustling actor really empowered me to continue to cultivate myself outside of working to pay the bills. (Truly, I did so much commercial work back then and it was a  hustle.) It also helped me discover that my passion is truly where creativity and service come together. It turns out that this advice would serve me well beyond auditions and being on set. It came with me onto the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel, where the second-best career advice came to me and that was the note to do it again, but this time, just be yourself.  

How would you describe your work/life balance?

I would describe my work/life balance as a work in process. Currently in a major renovation.  

What’s the best spot in your house?

In the humble breakfast nook with Benji at my feet.  

What’s one self-care product you can’t live without?

Any arnica or magnesium balm. I love it. I use it on the usual tight places, but I also love to use these guys before a workout or practice. Camphor or eucalyptus with a little arnica or mag-boom puts me in the mood to be in my body and breathe more consciously.  

Also, [Living Libations’] Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever and a hair tie or scrunchie.  

You need to unwind after a long day. What’s your go-to method?

My go-to method for transitioning from a long day is to soak in an Epsom salt bath with a book. Then shower off, jump in bed, and pick up the book wherever I left off. 

What’s your favorite time of day?

Sunset. I love this time of day wherever I am in the world. It’s poetic if you take the time to pause. This is also the time of day when we are usually cooking dinner. I love cooking with my partner while the sun sets. Favorite time of day indeed.  

What’s one thing you’d love everyone to know about yoga?  

Usually, I would say that I would want everyone to know that you don’t have to be good at yoga to do yoga! But these days I really lean in to remind myself and others that yoga is a sacred practice. Let it be that for you. Let it be. Soften, slow down, and remember that yoga is a time to connect with the divine. At-home yoga can be a perfect setup for just that.