The Best Silverware Sets for Every Style & Aesthetic

Setting the table is one of our favorite ways to get creative. We’re counting down the days until we can design a warm, organic Thanksgiving table (Camille’s approach is all the inspiration we could ever need). And even when it’s just ourselves and a partner or we’re sitting down to a Tuesday night dinner with the kids, every meal is an opportunity to unleash your aesthetic prowess. With dinnerware, laidback linens, and statement-making florals, elevating your everyday table doesn’t have to be complex. And when it comes to the best silverware sets, each serves as the perfect finishing touch.

My family has passed down heirloom silver sets through the past four generations. (And yes, I spent a pretty penny shipping my own 20-piece set across the country.) While some may think it silly, the best silverware sets transform the experience of a meal. Everything from the visual appeal to the weight of your work influences our senses. Personally, I don’t want a plastic set ruining an otherwise spectacular dinner.

The Best Silverware Sets for Every Style and Aesthetic

But I also get it: in this wide, overwhelming world of stuff, finding the best silverware sets can lead to a days-long search. Thankfully, I got to do the (fun) work of shopping the most trusted home brands out there. And though I was expecting to be happy with my findings, the flatware that passed inspection is truly the best of the best.

Whether you’re in need of a larger set before the holidays or are simply looking to swap out the silverware you reach for on a daily basis, you’ve come to the right place. Shop the best silverware sets below—and get ready for a major tabletop upgrade.

Every product is curated with care by our editors and we’ll always give an honest opinion, whether gifted or purchased ourselves. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

Best Overall: Sabre Ivory Flatware

Ever since Camille introduced Sabre to the Casa Zuma assortment, I knew the flatware sets would become an instant favorite. Aesthetically, the style is sleek but rustic—a true nod to the brand’s organic, wabi-sabi feel. Each 4-piece set can seamlessly transition between everyday dining and special occasion meals. The feel, weight, and overall design are all so good, that we had to include another Sabre favorite in our roundup. (Keep scrolling!)

Best Modern: CB2 20-Piece Pin Tumbled Flatware Set

Available in matte black, brushed silver, or shiny gold, this modern and sleek flatware uplifts every meal. The pieces are a lighter weight, and while they are dishwasher safe, we recommend hand-washing to retain the original hue.

Best for Everyday Dining: Schoolhouse Everyday Stainless Steel Flatware Set

Out of all the silverware sets featured in this roundup, this is the favorite in terms of weight. Even the dessert spoons and salad forks feel substantial in the hand and can hold up to heavier dishes and meals. The tumbled finish lends a smooth feel, and each set comes in a gorgeous storage box—perfect for gifting.

Best Color: Mepra Italian Flatware, Fantasia Color Flatware Set

How fun? This cheeky Italian flatware set comes in countless color options. (19 to be exact.) If you’re a design maximalist or simply want your everyday tableware to spark joy, this is your buy. And while we love the mix-and-match approach of the set pictured below, the pieces are also available in solid, single colors.

Best Budget: Threshold™ 20pc Izon Flatware Set Silver

Sometimes, you don’t want to spend several hundred dollars on a silverware set. (And sometimes, you definitely do—we have options for that.) If you need something that won’t cause any worry, this Threshold silverware set delivers. Each individual piece clocks in at just $2.50. But with the clean shape and mirror finish, the sets are designed to impress.

Best Bistro Style: Sabre Teak Flatware

When you’re after the best silverware sets, it only makes sense to highlight the craft and quality Sabre is known for. The design is easygoing but elevated and a fit for every dining occasion. I love how Camille styled her set for Thanksgiving. The pieces play so well off the texture and warmth she layered into the table. Take a cue from overseas and add this French-made set to your kitchenware collection.

Best Unique: Fazeek Wave Cutlery 4 Piece Set

I’m obsessed with everything Fazeek puts out, and this silverware set is no exception. Aligning with the brand’s signature, wavy style, this cutlery set is an instant conversation piece. It makes every meal all the more fun.

Best Retro: Mackenzie-Childs Supper Club Courtly Check 3-Piece Place Setting

Checkered prints aren’t going anywhere, and we love the trend’s interpretation in this retro-leaning set. With a satisfying grip and sturdy design, this three-piece place setting is versatile but distinct. Go all-in with printed placemats and linens or let this set make a statement all on its own. Prepare to get plenty of use from these beauties.

Best Gold Finish: Opalhouse™ x Jungalow™ 5pc Stainless Steel Silverware Set

Looking for a silverware set that doubles as art? Look no further. The stainless steel set is unfussy while still getting major points for visual appeal. Sleek and dishwasher safe—what more could you want?

Best Vintage-Inspired: Pottery Barn Vintage Tumbled Italian Flatware

While I’m all for using the nice things (be it china, glassware, or silverware) regularly to make every moment special, there are those things I get excited to use for reserved occasions. This Italian set, included. Set a classic, streamlined table with white dinnerware, crisp linens, and candles galore. Ina Garten would approve.

Are These the Most Aesthetic Kitchens Ever? Design Inspiration for the Ultimate Remodel

The kitchen is first and foremost, a room of function. It’s where we prepare our meals for the day, nourishing ourselves, family members, and anyone who stops by our homes. But of course, given the connective power of food, the kitchen is also a place for gathering. It’s where guests linger with their wine glasses, eager to add a few finishing touches before dishes enter the dining room or help clean up as the party wanes. And given its importance, many of us also crave an aesthetic kitchen where form and function collides.

While design trends come and go, a kitchen that prioritizes timeless style and communicates a personal aesthetic is forever. That’s why, when we rounded up our favorite aesthetic kitchens, those that clearly represented the homeowners’ design values immediately caught our eye. Yes, light splashes through large, open windows, backsplashes take on every manner of creativity, and the countertops are the perfect foundation for a viral Instagram post. When it comes down to it though, an aesthetic kitchen has a certain je ne sais quoi that’s hard to put into words. But when you see it, you know.

Ahead, discover our favorite aesthetic kitchens we’ve captured over the years. From small studios to eat-in kitchens fit for a family, the following kitchens are sure to inspire. Now, who’s craving a remodel?

Featured image of Greg and Christy Billock’s Los Angeles home by Virtually Here Studios.

Images by Suruchi Avasthi

Kate Arends’ Whimsical, Joy-Filled Kitchen

The creator behind the widely-loved design blog, Wit & Delight, Kate Arends is a home décor maven. A multi-hyphenate blogger, she covers everything from the home and fashion to travel and food. And of course, we look to her expertise for all of it. As exemplified by her whimsical, design-forward kitchen, Kate is an expert in matching color with pattern. She adds dimension to the space by playing with textures that almost appear simultaneously to clash but remain cohesive.

Our favorite part: The modern wood wall paneling that adds a retro appeal to the deep, blush colored cabinetry (which she painted with Farrow & Ball’s Sulking Room Pink and Hague Blue). And of course, the Calcatta marble countertops.

Her style: Classic with a splash of whimsy.

Get the full tour.

Image by Virtually Here Studios

Greg and Christy Billocks’ Eclectic, Midcentury-Meets-Spanish Oasis

Designed by Kirsten Blazek, this Los Angeles 1930s three-bedroom house is a study in creating a calming, serene space while flooding the interior with natural light. It’s old-school LA in a way that newer builds can’t evoke—the vibe is eclectic and bohemian, all the while remaining livable for the family of four.

Our favorite part: The Heath ceramics backsplash. Known for handcrafted ceramic tableware and architectural tile, the brand was an obvious choice for adding an element of visual interest to the otherwise minimalist space. It’s a gorgeous, grounding choice to complement the open shelving, greenery, and ceramics.

Kirsten’s style: Color is hugely important to me when I design a space. I am always very conscious of creating a cohesive color story from room to room. The nuances in color are also fascinating to me and I put a lot of emphasis on finding exactly the right shade and saturation of each color that we are selecting.

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Images by Michelle Nash

Brian and Jessie De Lowe’s Sun-Filled California Farmhouse

The sun-soaked, Cali vibes are abundant in Brian and Jessie De Lowe’s Montecito ranch house. With a love of entertaining and gathering as a family, Brian and Jessie prioritized an easy-breezy aesthetic, communicated primarily in the open kitchen (and of course, the outdoor bar). While the formal dining table is often used for guests, the family convenes for meals at the kitchen island or in the blue-walled breakfast nook). It’s all an example that a love of color can go hand-in-hand with an elevated aesthetic. And you never have to forgo comfort for style.

Our favorite part: The open, inviting kitchen features a sliding glass door, making for a seamless transition from indoors to the outside patio (and farther down, the lemon tree-filled backyard). Dreamy? Absolutely.

Their style: Open, calming, and happy.

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Images by Michelle Nash

Camille’s Light-Filled Studio Kitchen

What began as an offhand wouldn’t-that-be-amazing suggestion turned into a full-blown, budget-friendly remodel. Having always loved the light that came into her guest room, Camille went all-in transforming the space into a studio kitchen. She had a few priorities for the project:

  • Serve as a prep space where the team would shoot recipe photos, videos, and content for Casa Zuma.
  • Layout had to maximize the natural light.
  • Provide a central workspace for collaboration.
  • All be done on a budget.

With all of this in mind, Camille prepared for the task. By finding pieces that bridged the gap between affordable and high-quality as well as maintaining a minimalist, organic feel to the space, Camille was able to complete the remodel at just over $2,800. (Proof that dreams can become reality!) The space hits the trifecta of capturing a rustic, vintage, and timeless aesthetic, with accents of reclaimed wood and woven materials strewn throughout.

Our favorite part: The central island/workbench is the perfect multi-functional piece that grounds the space both in form and function. Sourced through an Etsy shop called Whatman Barn Furniture, Camille was able to customize the build so the team had enough space to spread out on the countertop while also still being able to move throughout the kitchen with ease.

Her style: Earthy and modern, prioritizing neutral backdrops for Casa Zuma and Camille Styles shoots.

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Images by Shade Degges

Sarah Solis’ Wabi Sabi Kitchen

As one of the most sought-after designers, Sarah Solis’ work is widely known, with projects spanning eclectic, traditional, and farmhouse aesthetics. In her own home, Sarah balances understated opposites, with warm and cool tones playing again rich fabrics and moody design. The kitchen itself pairs dark accents with rustic features, all the while allowing a cloud-like theme to span the entire design.

Our favorite part: The eat-in kitchen nook maximizes seating with a built-in banquette. It’s smart and stylish, with a mixing of aesthetics (the mid-century tulip table blends seamlessly with the classic, colonial-era cabinetry) that nonetheless feels united in scope.

Her style: Variations of neutrals and natural wood are the foundation of my design work. This palette is very calming for me. It’s serenity. 

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Images by Madeline Harper

Anastasia Casey’s Nature-Inspired Kitchen

When Anastasia Casey invited us for a tour of her Nancy Meyers-esque kitchen, we were floored. It’s gorgeous without feeling over the top (and like Meryl Streep would happily inhabit it as a film protagonist with gorgeous taste). Her East Texas home is full of character and charm while also appealing to many tastes. It’s a true gem of a space customized with Casey’s expert designer touches.

We visited Casey’s home during the holidays last year, and loved her approach of timeless, nature-inspired design. Organic touches are strewn throughout the kitchen, with leaves and pine needle garlands serving as minimalist, yet festive accents. But the pieces that stay up all throughout the year are decidedly classic, with a luxe Italian range grounding the space while creating a monochromatic color story by prioritizing warm whites and grays.

Our favorite part: The custom floating shelves keep the look light and bright, allowing Casey to explore further opportunities for curation by displaying her gorgeous collection of dinnerware and serving pieces.

Her style: Unfussy, natural, and a little whimsical. I like things to be unusual, unexpected, and always inspired by nature.

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Images by Danielle Sabol

Ashley Robertson’s Modern-Elegant Kitchen

Ashley Robertson exemplifies updated classic design. The creator behind The Teacher Diva fashion blog built her five-bedroom Dallas home in 2018 entirely from scratch. She worked with award-winning interior designer, Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs. The result is a home that’s an extension of her personal style: modern, elegant, and with a touch of tasteful glamour.

With this in mind, the design duo succeeded at creating a kitchen that not only stands as a work of art (those pendants!) but that can hold up to the busy life of a family of four. What’s more, as a content creator, Curtis was mindful that Robertson would be using the space to shoot for her blog and social media. To do so, they prioritized clean lines, light textures, and a layout that made the most of the natural light.

Our favorite part: Waterfall islands are everything right now, and we’re obsessed with this elegant, contemporary take on the trend. It extends the eye width-wise, expanding the space’s scale.

Her style: Traditional modern. Recognizable architectural features but with a fresh modern take. 

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