30 Nail Trends for Fall—Including Our Latest Food-Inspired Obsession

More than any other season, fall is defined by style. Chunky sweaters, knee-high boots, and layers on layers (on layers). The second a crisp wind blows, I crave knitwear and scarves. And though temps are still high in many places, you can get into the autumn spirit by embracing the fall nail trends we’re obsessing over in 2023.

Fall nail trends are the easiest—and chicest—way to embrace the comfy-cozy mood. There’s something for everyone. You can take the neutral and chocolate tones route that reflects the season’s moody color palette. Or, you can go bold with textural trends like chrome and foil. Every visit to the salon is a choose-your-own-adventure affair.

Featured image from our interview with Cyndi Ramirez by Belathée Photography.

Social media is abuzz with creative coverage of fall nail trends. Inspiration abounds at every turn. With each post, there’s something new to try and autumnal vibes to capture. Whether you’re looking for manicure photos to show your nail tech or trends to DIY, ahead are the freshest fall nails to change up your look. Read on to get the best fall nail trends right at your fingertips.

1. Latte Nails

Fall is famous for PSLs and apple crisp macchiatos. Get in the spirit with a latte-inspired manicure. Coffee-glazed is the flavor of fall.

You’ve heard of cinnamon cookie butter hair and now the trend has shifted to our nails. Like a dusting of cinnamon, you’ll be seeing this reddish hue everywhere.

3. Fall French

Get in the fall spirit with a subtler way of embracing the chocolate-hued trend. Let the season inspire your favorite French tips with a little autumnal motif.

4. Mustard

Mustard is a timeless fall tone. If you’ve never tried it on your fingertips, now is your chance.

5. Two-Toned Tangerine

Like fall foliage, orange shines this season. This two-tone take lets you mix it up with a more subdued color for a subtle, seasonal look.

6. Tangerine Tips

Another way to get your fix of orange is to try tangerine French tips. Adding a hint of orange detailing goes a long way without it feeling too Halloween-inspired.

7. Matte Manis

Whatever color you fancy, why not make it matte? Matte is having its comeback this year and makes any color feel fresh for fall.

8. Mixed Matte

Not quite ready to give up the gloss? Try pairing a mix of matte and glossy polish.

9. Slate Sky Grey

If you think grey is boring, think again. You’ll be seeing this muted tone everywhere this fall.

10. Glazed Black

The glazed nail trend isn’t going anywhere. Ring it in for fall by updating the classic black mani with a glazed shine.

11. Clear Chrome

Combine the glazed look with the chrome craze and what do you get? Clear chrome. It’s a fresh take on the classic clear gloss—and we can guarantee the unique will be trending all throughout the season.

12. Chrombre

Half chrome, half whatever else you want. Chrome and ombre are another hot take on the chrome trend.

13. Glitter Ombre

Another ombre interpretation: glitter. This is a more understated way to do glitter this fall. If you’re coming down from your glittery summer festival nails, this is one way to do it.

14. Gold Foil

Adding gold foil to your fall nails adds dimension through texture and leaf-like adornments.

15. Gothic Glam

For those who can’t wait for spooky season. Add some glamor to your gothic look with decals and pops of color.

A metallic hue is a creative and eye-catching way to update any shade. From silver, brass, and gold to metallic brights—a little extra shine will give your fall nails some edge.

17. Starry Nights

Celestial manis, à la Practical Magic, are all the rage this season. And with Mercury in retrograde, we’ll do anything we can to get the stars on our side.

18. Plum Purples

A deeper, darker spin on the milky lavenders and pale purples that were hot this summer.

19. Wine

Goodbye rosé—it’s time to celebrate Pinot season. As you switch out your summer drinks, match your manicure with a swap from light pink to red wine.

20. Maroon

Like the Taylor Swift song, you can’t go wrong with a deep maroon. It’s my moody fall shade of choice.

21. Classic Red

A bold, classic red never goes out of style. Pair it with a rouge lip and you’ve got the ultimate autumn glam.

22. Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell is a fun fall texture. This autumnal pattern mixes your favorite fall hues like orange, brown, and black for a moody, edgy vibe.

23. Mushrooms

No need to go foraging for mushrooms, they’re all right here. This forest favorite is one of our favorite fall nail trends that you’ll be seeing everywhere. Fungicore? Definitely in season.

24. Olive Green

Olive green is one of the “it” colors for fall, and it’s one we love year after year. The earthy neutral is a bold, but muted, choice.

25. Martini Mani

For an even more fun take on the olive trend, spice up your mani with a martini theme—extra dirty.

26. Venom

Another one for spooky season. This venom-inspired webbing is creepily cool.

27. Pre-Winter White

Whoever said you can’t wear white after Labor Day wasn’t talking about your manicure. An all-white look can carry you from fall into winter (and beyond). Bonus points if you choose a glazed version of a milky manicure.

28. Minimal Manis

Pair this minimal mani with your well-tailored, classic fall wardrobe. Go for a traditional French or even just a clear gloss. It’s simple and undeniably chic.

29. Natural Nudes

Fall nail trends span the spectrum of simple and statement-making. Another example of the former? This natural-looking nude that pairs well with all your fall layers.

30. Mix and Match

The more colors, patterns, and textures, the better! Mix and match as many of these trends as you can for the ultimate fall nails.