Mani Feeling… Meh? 25 Holiday Nail Ideas That Go Beyond the Classic Red

The magic of the holidays exists in the details. Oftentimes, the smallest design choices make the biggest impact. And usually, little acts of kindness can shift someone’s mood for the better. But it’s during the festive season that this truth shines the most. From selecting your holiday decor to planning your gatherings—putting everything together is harder than it looks. (And from all the Pinterest boards we’ve been scoping, it looks pretty hard.) Of course, there’s the holiday attire as well. But luckily, your manicure can speak a thousand words. And like ornaments on a tree, fun holiday nails make all the difference.

You can choose to show them off at the dinner table or opt for something that will last through your festive food prep. Holiday nails come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re always a delight. Keep reading—the best holiday nail trends are right at your fingertips.

Featured image from our interview with Cyndi Ramirez by Belathée Photography.

25 Festive Holiday Nails Ideas

Ring in the new year with the trendiest holiday nail ideas. A pop of red or a delicate design might be just what you need to add that extra bit of magic to your holiday season. From the viral trends that are taking over TikTok to timeless classics that even your mom will compliment, ahead you’ll find all the inspo you need for festive holiday nails.

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1. Cocoa

Still holding onto autumn? This cocoa shade is the perfect transitional color to take you from fall into the festive season. They’re made for cradling mugs of hot chocolate—spiked or otherwise.

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2. Ice Queen

Romanticize the sleet and snow with a slate grey manicure. Add some rhinestones for an icy, iridescent touch.

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3. Party Szn

Sometimes, more is more. These glamorous, glittery nails pair well with a sequined dress and holiday party plans. All you need a disco ball.

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4. Clean Girl Chrome

The chrome trend is still going strong. This semi-neutral shade is a versatile but eye-catching option for a lowkey look that still brings the glamour.

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5. Red Chrome

For a more festive take on the trend, go for a red chrome look. Your nails will look like laminated, freshly wrapped presents.

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6. Candy Cane Cutie

Is it weird to say that I want to take a bite out of these nails? (But actually… ) Add a candy cane swirl to your classic French and thank us later.

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7. Snow Dust

For another neutral option, try this subtle, snowy shade. The barely-there dusting makes these a new Christmas classic.

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8. Golden Glitter

For an easy DIY, this golden tip is a less messy way to indulge in glitter this holiday season.

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9. Starry Night

Whatever you celebrate, nothing feels more festive than adding a celestial touch. Stars make this golden French manicure stand out without being gaudy.

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10. Holiday Rhinestones

These nails look like they were dusted with the sprinkles from your holiday sugar cookies. Personalize them with your own color combinations.

11. White Christmas

Whether it snows or not, guarantee yourself a white Christmas with this milky mani.

12. Mistletoe Mani

Like the cherry designs that were so trendy this summer, these mistletoe decals are a great step up to the classic French.

13. Tuxedo

Black tie events? Black nails. This tuxedo coat is a classic shade for any event you have on your holiday lineup.

14. Emerald City

Green might feel cliche for the holidays, but this deep emerald will never go out of style.

15. Plaid PJs

Matching pajamas are one of the more divisive holiday traditions. But I say embrace the season’s parade of plaid—especially since it makes for a cute nail pattern.

16. Midnight Chocolate

This neutral take on the starry pattern is like a box of chocolates with allll the options. It’s like a true Christmas treat.

17. Bows and Ribbons

I’m not the best at wrapping presents. But this manicure might make up for it.

18. Dulce de Leche

Indulge in another sweet treat with this delicious dulce de leche shade.

19. Mulled Wine

This cozy winter drink is also the inspiration for your next holiday red. It’s warm and classic for a reason.

20. Icy Blue

This light blue isn’t just a trendy shade—it also doubles as a subtle nod to the Hanukkah season.

21. Arctic Aura

A blue aura translates to a deep, pensive thinker. If you have an existential crisis on your holiday agenda, this is the mani for you.

22. Snowflakes

Snowflakes look good with any shade, but I’m partial to this cool blue French.

23. Ornaments

Like little baubles or Christmas confetti, this colorful polka dot pattern is a fun pop of holiday spirit.

24. Christmas Lights

Christmas lights might be a hassle, but you can’t deny how good they look. The same goes for your nails. Plus, if you use a glow-in-the-dark polish, they can really light up the room

25. Wreath It Up

Once you’re done decking the halls, it’s time to take the festive fervor to your nails. This delicate wreath design is a holiday fave.

If You’re Feeling Stressed, a Nutritionist Says to Try Eating These 7 Foods

Meditation. Mindfulness. Movement. Meet the alliterative trifecta of stress-reducing practices. It’s no secret that these ubiquitous solutions to stress are widely written about and adopted. After all, they’re known to increase stress resilience and improve our ability to cope with triggers. But as we know, what we eat can also have the power to transform how we feel. Truly, it’s no secret that nutritious meals can boost our mood. And when it comes to the best stress-relieving foods, delicious, supportive ingredients are the key to feeling our best.

I’m wary of sweeping generalizations, but it’s safe to say that we’re likely all pretty familiar with the concept of stress. It can be assumed that we’ve likely all experienced it, too. Reports of a national mental health crisis are on the rise—and they have been for years. A March 2022 ValuePenguin survey found that 84% of Americans feel stressed at least once per week (an increase from 78% reported in March 2021). In other words: not good.

The Expert on Stress-Relieving Foods

The good news though, is that we can intentionally design our meals, snacks, drinks, and occasional indulgences to combat the creeping stress. When it comes to stress-relieving foods, the usual suspects prevail. Fruits, nuts, and adaptogenic herbs reign supreme, but adding a few surprise superfoods to the mix (hint, hint: organ meats) will contribute to a happier, healthier outlook and life.

I’ve teased the takeaways long enough. Ahead Kim Rose, RDN, shares her expertise in the world of stress-relieving foods. Keep reading for her top seven foods to eat for stress, plus key insights into the role diet plays in improving mental and emotional wellness. Let’s dive in.

Foods to Avoid or Limit to Reduce Stress

Rose cites alcohol and “sugary, caffeine-laden beverages” like energy drinks as being two of the biggest stress-inducing culprits. “Energy drinks may give you an artificial boost,” notes the dietitian, “but they can leave you with undesirable mental health outcomes that inflict stress.” Of course, our social and even professional lives are often structured around going out for drinks, ordering wine with dinner, and enjoying the occasional nightcap. But according to Rose, adopting a sober-curious lifestyle can help keep stress levels stable. (Because, after all, a little *good* stress comes with its own health benefits.)

If you don’t want to cut out alcohol completely, Rose looks to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for an understanding of safe, recommended amounts of alcohol. Daily recommendations suggest no more than one serving of alcohol for women and no more than two servings for men, daily. “Alcohol may initially free your inhibitions and drown your stress, but it’s likely to leave you more stressed than you were before consumption,” she says. (See here for our favorite zero-ABV drinks that offer a tasty break from the booze.)

The Role Adaptogens Play in Stress-Relief

A buzzy word in wellness, adaptogens have been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions for centuries to combat stress. “Think of adaptogenic plants as natural stress regulators,” says Rose. Her top two favorites? Holy basil and ashwagandha. “Holy basil,” she notes, “is one adaptogenic plant that provides a foundation of calm to help us unwind after a long day.”

Ashwagandha, however, is perhaps the adaptogen that garners the most interest and attention. Rose says its popularity can be attributed to its stress-relieving magic. “The roots and berries of the ashwagandha plant have been used in traditional medicine for various purposes to enable you to relax and sleep well for a nightly recharge.”

Unfortunately, as with any health trend, suspicious products often flood the market. To be sure you’re purchasing high-quality, supportive adaptogens, Rose says to look for vendors with a National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certification. “NSF certification ensures that products, such as dietary supplements, have been tested for safety and that what’s listed on the label is what is in the product.”

For calmer days ahead, Rose emphasizes ensuring that you’re purchasing products with “clinically-effective levels of the adaptogen in question. This is another way to ensure that you get the benefit of that ingredient—in addition to clearing your use of it with your doctor, which is most important.”

7 Stress-Relieving Foods a Nutritionist Wants You to Try

Chamomile Tea

Already well-attuned to sipping chamomile tea as a before-bed beverage? Not only are you helping your sleepy self snooze away, but you’re proactively decreasing stress levels, too. Rose recommends brewing a cup at night to wind down or any time you’re craving something soothing throughout the day. Functional nightcaps for the win.

Recipe: Chamomile and Jasmine Herbal Ice Cubes


It’s no wonder turkey lulls us to sleep in the middle of our Thanksgiving meal, and according to Rose, it’s all thanks to tryptophan. “Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that our bodies can’t make; consequently, we must get it from the foods we eat.” She adds that tryptophan is the sole precursor to serotonin. Sound familiar? Yep—serotonin’s the feel-good, burnout-beating hormone known to reduce depression and regulate anxiety.

Recipe: Thai Chicken Salad With Spicy Peanut Dressing


Our forever-favorite fruit (a berry, if we’re getting specific) knows no bounds. Lauded equally for being full of skin-supporting biotin as they are for being delicious on a slice of toasted sourdough, avocados are also rich in magnesium. “Magnesium is important for stress management and guarding the body against susceptibility to stress,” adds Rose.

Recipe: Grapefruit, Avocado, and Golden Beet Salad with Crunchy Chickpeas and Feta


If they aren’t already your go-to snack, it’s time to stock up. “Cashew nuts are the way to go when looking for a tryptophan-rich food that can help you avoid burnout,” suggests Rose. If you don’t consume or crave poultry, cashews are a great plant-based option—and they make this cozy soup delectably creamy.

Recipe: Big Green Immunity-Boosting Vegetable Soup

Organ Meats

Now here’s the wild card. Rose advises adding liver, gizzards, and kidneys to your cart during your next trip to the store. “Vitamin B-2, also known as riboflavin, is found in organ meats,” she says. “Riboflavin helps to convert carbohydrates into energy that the body can use. It may also help you overcome the physical aspects of burnout.” Those benefits are enough to make anyone a believer. And if you’re still wary, trust that the taste is surprisingly, incredibly palatable. Some may say delicious.

Recipe: Chicken Liver Paté from Wholesome Yum

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate lovers, unite! This tried-and-true health-promoting staple is a favorite among the wellness-obsessed—and for good reason. “One, among several benefits,” notes Rose, “is that dark chocolate can be a great mood booster, combatting the overwhelming feelings of burnout.” Another reason to always say yes to a midday or after-dinner treat. These truffles pair the superfood with avocado to double down on the calm-inducing effects.

Recipe: Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles from Eating Bird Food

Adaptogen-Fueled Beverages

If you’re new to the (wide) world of adaptogens, one of the easiest ways to reap the stress-busting benefits is to incorporate them into your drinks. This creamy and comforting hot cocoa incorporates a mix of adaptogens and is perfect for sipping on after your nighttime meal.

Recipe: Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate

This post was originally published on May 5, 2022, and has since been updated.

Feeling Overwhelmed? These 3 Tips Will Transform Your Perspective

It was a painful moment. I was sitting on my living room floor, my puppy curled by my leg, when I hit send. I’d been thinking about that email for days, spinning over a choking feeling of overwhelm. I need to re-home my puppy, the email read.  I have too much on my plate

This memory scratches my heart. It wasn’t the request in the email (which landed in the inbox of a handful of friends). People re-home their dogs. It happens. What makes me shiver is how in my frantic quest to beat my feeling of overwhelm, I failed to consider what gave me joy and instead acted on impulse. I was tired and depleted, searching for a quick fix when I needed to take a minute and reassess what I was juggling in my life.

Featured image by Riley Blanks Reed.

Image by Michelle Nash

Before I continue, I’ll tell you that my puppy is curled next to me as I write this. I didn’t let go of her. But that moment was a pivot point. How did I let my life get to a point where I was so maxed, I was willing to consider giving her away?

The wild truth is that I am not alone. Study after study today shows that at least 50 percent of us feel stressed or, even more so, overwhelmed by life on any given day.

How to Beat the Feeling of Overwhelm

In the two years since sending that email, I’ve become razor sharp about how I spend my time. I aim to only allow the essential to fill my plate so there’s room for joy and simply being.

Yes, I admit: Writing this conviction is a whole lot easier than employing it. Still, I’ve gathered an arsenal of strategies over the past few years that have helped. I’ve read, gleaned, studied, obsessed over, and interviewed some of the most compelling thought leaders about time management, beating overwhelm, and prioritizing joy.

Here are the three most life-stretching tips from those thought leaders that helped me beat that feeling of overwhelm.

The daunting list. It rules our lives. A grocery list, a task list, an errands list: They’re all a series of things to check off, conquer, and get through. In honesty, I love lists. But it wasn’t until I came across Oliver Burkeman’s brilliant spin on them that I finally began to see beyond the lines: “Spending your days trying to get through a list of things you feel you have to do is a fundamentally joyless and soul-destroying way to live,” writes the productivity expert. 

Image by Michelle Nash

Whoa. It gets better. Burkeman offers a reframe: “What if we understood our lists as menus?”

This approach helps us see that we have choices in our lives. We get to do things, and when we mindfully and smartly opt for the ones we want (or will benefit us), we are happier. Yes, there are tons of things to choose from on a menu. But that very abundance presents the beauty of it all, believes Burkeman. “Increasingly, I find myself treating my list of work projects as a menu, too,” he writes. “The contents of the menu is constrained by various goals and long-term deadlines, to be sure. But the daily practice is to pick something appetising from the menu instead of grinding through a list.”

I’d used this reframe when I decided not to give up my puppy. I get to keep her I think. I choose to care for her. Burkeman’s approach helps me see how joyful it is to view what comes into our lives as items of potential fulfillment that we have the agency to pick from.

#2: Design Your Ideal Day

When I felt overwhelmed several years ago, I existed in a narrow tunnel each day. I let things happen to me, like too much demanding work, others’ needs, and the day-to-day grind. Doing this put me in a victim place. To switch this, I practice a simple morning technique Hugh Jackman revealed to Tim Ferriss several years ago: design your day. The actor admits he’s always been primed to be overworked and writes out how his day will unfold every morning. He visualizes himself at the end of the day, reflecting on how he felt, what he did, who he connected with, and what he accomplished. “I do that every morning on a text, which I send to [my wife] Deb,” he told Ferriss. “I keep myself accountable to what I was trying to manifest.”

These days, I write down not what I must do but what I’ve had the joy and privilege of accomplishing that day. I may jot down something like, I had an incredible day, wrote five pages of my book, took Andi (my dog) for a long walk, and had a delicious dinner with (my boyfriend) Christian. Every time I ‘design my day,’ as Jackman describes, I think of my future self and how she feels.

Jackman says doing this helped him listen to his intentions. I can attest to this working. We can hope for great days all we want, but if we don’t focus on the actions and specifics of those dreams, they will (likely) not happen. However, if we visualize a beautiful day with conviction, we increase our chances of it all unfolding. 

Image by by Riley Blanks Reed

#3: Be Still with Yourself

My greatest takeaway from Burkeman and Jackman is their spotlight on choice. Each of us has agency in our lives. Knowing this truth has nourished my strength and solace. 

My brilliant friend George Mumford, a psychologist and sports performance expert, has further drilled this home for me. In my conversations with Mumford, many of which have focused on how to beat overwhelm, he’s told me that we can choose how to respond to everything in our lives. The most potent way to do this is to start by taking a moment of stillness before we respond.

Each of us has agency in our lives. Knowing this truth has nourished my strength and solace. 

Digging a little deeper: When we react quickly to a fact or situation, we rob ourselves of any room between the stimulus (what is happening at that moment) and our response. I did this on that fretful day I considered rehoming my dog. I reacted and didn’t take a moment to be still. Mumford says when we pause before responding, however hard it may be, we reclaim our power and integrity. 

There’s such beauty in checking in with ourselves, which Mumford calmly reveals in this video. He says we each have a still voice deep within, a source of tremendous wisdom and insight.

When we tap into that, we close the space for overwhelm and open new portals for joy.