21 DIY Presents Everyone on Your List Will Love

Over the last few years, the question of what counts as a meaningful gift has sat at the forefront of my focus. Especially in 2023, with inflation continuing to be top of mind (coupled with retailers going all-out for Black Friday), the pressure to purchase can feel like a lot. And as I’ve grown more intentional in my gift-buying, I’m looking toward DIY gift ideas as a creative, made-with-love option.

Featured image from our interview with Devon Liedtke by Anastasiya Pudova.

21 DIY Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

If you haven’t yet discovered the profound joy of creating with your hands, let me wax poetic. In pursuing a handmade home and a slower life, I’ve learned that filling my house with crafted goods is a gratifying lesson in love. And this holiday, it’s my goal to provide friends and family with the same, small reminder of my thanks and gratitude. And let me tell you—these DIY gift ideas are capable of communicating exactly that.

So let’s get to it! I have a feeling these gifts will each be met with a response of awe: “You made this?!” (C’mon, who wouldn’t love to hear that?)

Plastic Bottle Vases from Creative Gen

As far as DIY gift ideas go, this one delivers the best before and after. Have you ever held a plastic bottle in your hands and thought: this could be a gorgeous vase? Me neither. But after seeing the magic happen before my own eyes, I’m a believer. This gift couldn’t be easier—and while it makes a little bit of a mess, you’ll love the short materials list.

DIY Velvet Inspired Ornaments from Alice & Lois

I love the idea of DIY gift ideas that double as a sentimental reminder of your love. These sweet little velvet ornaments would be so fun to share with neighbors. Year after year, they’ll put these up and marvel at your small gift of generosity.

DIY Pearl Daisy Chain Necklace from Honestly WTF

I can’t get over how cute this minimalist daisy chain necklace is. This is the sort of DIY gift I imagine making for both myself and sharing with my best friend. Because we’ve built our friend long-distance, this thoughtful present would be a lovely way to remember she’s always just a call away.

DIY Cottage Core Hair Bows from Pin Cut Sew Studio

Hair bows are the biggest winter hair accessory, and though you can certainly find inexpensive options, they’re also so easy to make yourself. Each of these costs just $2.50 to make and call for just a little tying and sewing. Even teenagers (the notoriously most hard-to-please giftee) will wear theirs all throughout the year.

Hand Crochet Blanket From Flax & Twine

I’ve been seeing blankets on everyone’s gift guides and it makes sense. Nothing encourages wintertime coziness quite like a soft, warm throw. And while there are plenty of options online, making one by hand is all the more special. This project takes only an hour (!!) and if you’re new to crocheting, it couldn’t be easier to learn.

DIY Polymer Clay Knot Paperweight From Fall for DIY

Skip the pricey West Elm option and make this simple dupe. It only requires three supplies: polymer clay, a craft knife, and sandpaper. If you’re looking for a way to help your friends step up their shelfie game, this is it.

DIY Mushroom Lamp From Collective Gen

SO. CUTE. I can’t stop swooning over these adorable lamps. Do you have a design-obsessed friend on your list? This adorable little lamp would be perfect on a nightstand or in their office. If you’ve ever wondered what you can do in a metal mixing bowl besides bake up a treat, this is your answer.

No-Sew Braided Velvet Headband from A Beautiful Mess

How cute is this headband? And good news: it requires exactly zero sewing on your part. Seriously, anyone and everyone can make this on-trend headband. Just a little snipping, gluing, and pinning is all that’s asked of you. How fun would this be as a stocking stuffer?

DIY Fabric Wine Bags From The Merrythought

Bottles of wine are always a lovely gift, but how about adding a handmade touch to the mix? I love sharing simple gifts with friends while being sure to weave in something that feels a bit more personal. These easy bags do just the trick.

DIY Taper Candles From Alice & Lois

The colorful, bright, and cheery candle trend is holding strong. This is a bit more of an involved DIY, but the gorgeous end totally merits the means. If you want a candle that’s more geometric—and totally adorable—these bubble candles are a delight.

DIY Dried Flower Bouquet From Honestly WTF

A fresh flower arrangement feels more like a Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift. But a dried bouquet? A perfect move. You can purchase dried flowers online or visit a craft store. I’ve even discovered a few florists in Chicago who carry dried flowers as well. Follow the simple instructions to craft an arrangement that your giftee will be happy to keep for years to come.

Fluted Arch Plant Stand Two Ways From A Beautiful Mess

I love the bold look of these plant stands. They’re a cute way to elevate (literally) any of your plant pals and bring their look to new heights. The best part? From start to finish, they take only minutes to make.

DIY Knit Bandana from Flax & Twine

If you’re a knitter like myself, you’ll love this sweet knit bandana. The delicate lace edging is gorgeous, and while this project isn’t for a beginner, it won’t give you too much trouble if you’ve been honing in your skills for a few years.

DIY Faux Stoneware Candle Holder From Fall for DIY

If you’re not into the process of making your own candles, this DIY is an easy way to make a simple store-bought candle feel all the more special. The secret to this candle holder’s cool stoneware effect? Polymer and sand. Yep, that’s it.

DIY Knot Pillow From Sugar & Cloth

I’ve been coveting one of these pillows for years, but they’ve never seemed worth the price tag to me. (I mean, are they even that comfy?) Thankfully, this DIY showed me the light and convinced me that yes: these feel like you’re cuddling up next to a literal cloud. These little guys add a soft, sculptural touch to any couch, accent chair, or bed.

DIY Copper Vases From Home Oh My

If you do want to go the fresh flower route (I’ll take a dozen peach peonies, please and thank you), this is the perfect vessel. A little copper metallic spray paint completely transforms the look of a galvanized tin container.

DIY Concrete Bowl From Alice & Lois

I love the rustic elegance of these simple bowls. They’d look gorgeous on a coffee table or as a catch-all on your console. I’ve never thrown my keys into anything this stylish.

DIY Notebooks From Paper & Stitch

As a writer who’s received many a notebook for Christmas, I would love love love to find one of these in my stocking. But professions aside, these are a great gift for anyone who needs to scribble an idea before they forget or who’s always down for a good doodle sesh. So… everyone on your list?

DIY Simple Potholders From The Merrythought

When I first started knitting, I used to give my mom a pair of potholders for Christmas every year. While she used them often and lovingly, I think she’d appreciate these stunners all the more. These are fun to make out of fabric scraps or thrifted towels. An environmentally-friendly gift? You’ve done the impossible.

DIY Housewarming Gift From The Crafted Life

No one likes moving in the winter, so if you have a friend who’s had to swap homes during the colder months, they’ll be more than grateful to receive this gift. Candles, tea, jam, and a few DIY kitchen towels. I just moved a few months ago and confirm: this gift would bring me to tears (like, the good kind).

DIY Linen Hair Scrunchies From Collective Gen

I don’t see the scrunchie trend going anywhere (cute and convenient—double win). Did you know that they’re super easy to make? If you opt for linen, your gift will lean more country girl-chic than 80s-aesthete (that’s a good thing). This is another good project to put those linen scraps to use!

This post was originally published on December 9, 2018, and has since been updated.

50 Bucket List Ideas to Keep You Cozy This Holiday

With the holidays in full swing, we’ve entered major cozy mode. We’re all about making every day merry and bright—with cookie-baking afternoons, holiday movie marathons, and more all on our winter bucket list. While we live with the intention of making the most of every day, the holiday season is a special time of year meant to be savored. Of course, with the flurry of festivity, it’s easy to get swept up in all there is to do. That’s why a winter bucket list comes in handy: it can help guide your days, making sure you do all the things that are important to you.

Because let’s be real. As much as we try to be intentional about the days between November and December, the flurry of activity can send our internal compass spinning. If in years passed, you’ve woken up on New Year’s wondering where the last couple of months have gone, you’ve come to the right place. Ahead, discover 50 ideas to inspire your winter bucket list.

Featured image from our interview with Kate Arends by Suruchi Avasthi.

50 Cozy Ideas to Add to Your Winter Bucket List

Bucket lists function as a nice little roadmap to inspire presence and intention in all of our days. They help us step outside of our comfort zones every so often to experience the unfamiliarity of a life beyond our own rituals, rhythms, and routines. As you move through your winter bucket list, the goal is to experience growth—small, but significant change.

I was careful to design this winter bucket list so that it remains in tune with the season, honoring the coziness and comfort that’s ours to soak up before spring.

I invite you to join me in checking off the 50 winter bucket list ideas below. Each will help you make the most of the cozy season—and scare off any SAD vibes that come your way.

Creative Winter Bucket List Ideas

1. Send letters to loved ones. Whether it’s holiday cards or you just want to drop a loving note. Pick up some cute stationary, stock up on stamps, and send thoughtful notes to friends and family.

2. Tour a museum. I live in Chicago, and if you’ve been here before, you know it’s one of the best museum cities in the country. I have lots to check off on my list—and winter’s the best time to make it happen. I highly recommend following my lead. There’s little that inspires me more.

3. Create an affirmation jar. Gather the positive affirmations that resonate with you or get inspired to create your own! Write them down on paper, cut them out, and put them in a jar that you pull from each morning.

4. Learn to crack an egg with one hand. The easiest way to instantly become the coolest person at the party. It’s a skill worth bragging about.

5. Skip the small talk. At every gathering this winter, let these conversation starters inspire meaningful questions. They’ll help you get to the heart of who people are, what they care about, and how they connect best.

6. Map out your best 2023 yet. Vision boarding is a key part of making your dreams a reality. Let this vision board kit guide your journey.

7. Find your new favorite journal. The easiest way to make journaling a habit that sticks? Getting a journal you love. Browse these guided options.

8. Build up your self-confidence arsenal. Looking for ways to feel fearless in 2023? These strategies are instant confidence boosters.

9. Get addicted to Shelf Life. ELLE.com knows a compelling series when it sees one. Shelf Life dives deep into our favorite celebrities’ favorite reads. Aubrey Plaza, Misty Copeland, and Celeste Ng are just a few of my faves.

10. Buy a paint-by-numbers kit. Even if you claim not to have an artistic bone in your body, the result will almost always be gorgeous. Start with this kit—she’s a stunner.

11. Design your dream house. Curl up with Remodelista in Maine. No book captures the down-to-earth, rustic New England style better, and there’s no other activity that inspires our wanderlust more.

Delicious Winter Bucket List Ideas

12. Picnic indoors. I have the Barefoot Contessa herself to thank for this tip. She loves hosting what she calls an “indoor picnic” (for her fabulous, “dear” friends, of course). Make a charcuterie board, pour some wine, and add a soup to the mix. You’re welcome to eat at the dining table, but I love the casual, picnic-y vibes of gathering around the kitchen counter.

13. Bake your heart out. Not sure about you, but when the temps reach above 70, my kitchen is officially closed for the season. Make the most of the cold weekend days indoors with this definitive list of the best things to bake when you’re bored.

14. Celebrate winter comfort food. Because in just a few months’ time, you won’t be dreaming of warm and cozy meals. Make the most of winter eating with these healthy(ish) comfort food recipes.

15. Perfect your favorite cuppa. In the morning, the afternoon, and post-dinner—you can always catch me with a warm cup of tea. Relatable? I thought so. This is the Masala Chai recipe to make on repeat.

16. Share holiday cookies with neighbors. Our holiday cookie book is the best place to get inspired. Box them up with cute ribbon and share with everyone in your neighborhood.

Self-Care Winter Bucket List Ideas

17. Get a spa treatment. Massage, facial, cupping—whatever your body and mind currently crave. Book your appointment today, your future self will thank you.

18. Reorganize your fridge. Is there anything more satisfying? For Camille’s expert advice, see here.

19. Try one of the hottest nail trends. From Micro-French to Chocolate Brown—find your new go-to mani.

20. Join Open’s Mindfulness Challenge. It’s a supportive way to start the daily habit. Nourish your mind and connect deeper with your emotions—learn more here.

21. Try out a new perfume. There’s no better time to find a new scent. Consult our guide to the best clean fragrances.

22. Listen to the Normal Gossip podcast. If you miss office chats or just like to indulge in juicy stories about people you’ll never meet, you’re in for a treat.

23. Add more leafy greens to your diet. An easy way to boost your immune system and your mood this winter? Trying these nutritionist-approved tips for getting your greens.

24. Refresh your space. Don’t wait for spring cleaning to make your home a relaxing, inspiring haven. Looking for a place to start? There’s nowhere better than the bedroom.

25. Clean out your closet. Along the lines of refreshing your space, take some time to go through your clothes to prioritize the pieces you love most.

26. Get enough sleep. The holidays have a way of wearing us down. Make sure you’re getting 7-8 hours of quality, restorative sleep.

27. Say no. We know: it’s harder than it seems. Particularly during the holidays when there’s so much to do and so many ways to help. Be realistic about what you can do without stretching yourself too thin. And remember: it’s important to protect your peace.

Cozy Winter Bucket List Ideas

28. Watch a series from start to finish. Arguably not one of the most challenging ideas on this list. But I know that once spring comes, I’ll be spending more hours outside than in. There’s never a better time than the present to binge-watch a new fave.

29. Create a signature scent scape. Scent is perhaps the most overlooked sense, but it’s also one of the most transformative. Get expert tips on how to make your home smell amazing.

30. Cozy up by a fire. With a book, knitting, whatever—just not your phone. Don’t have a fireplace at home? Find a cute coffee shop or bar in your city that does.

31. Find a new throw you can’t stop snuggling up with. You know the one. It’s unbelievably soft, warm, and exactly what you want when you’re craving cozy and comfy vibes. This is the one I’m wrapped up in at all times.

32. Find your new favorite winter candle. It’s the best way to set the mood no matter what you’re up to. These are our favorites.

33. Have a pajama day. On a Saturday or Sunday this winter, make pancakes, watch movies, binge your favorite reads, and indulge in the joy that’s wearing your comfiest loungewear all day.

34. Go on a bookstore date. With your partner, a friend, or yourself! Browse the shelves and pick something outside of your typical genres. There’s nothing like the new year to expand your horizons.

35. Do a puzzle. It’s a great winter bucket list ideas that doesn’t involve any screens. Ordinary Habit makes the sweetest puzzles

36. Make a gingerbread house.

37. Host a family game night. It’s such a cozy way to spend time with your loved ones. Get our ideas for hosting a memorable game night.

38. Curate a holiday playlist. I love curling up on the couch with a cup of cocoa while listening to my holiday favorites. Get inspired with our go-to songs.

39. Do a random act of kindness. It’ll make you feel warm and cozy inside and does a world of good for whoever you share your kindness with. These are our favorite ideas for spreading some joy.

40. Wrap presents. Sure, it needs to be done. But if you give yourself enough time, it can be a fun process. Play some holiday music, make a few Christmas treats, light a candle, and settle in.

Active Winter Bucket List Ideas

41. Have a ski weekend. Is there anything more wintry than driving out to the mountains and hitting the slopes? Even if you’re not a skier, you’re still welcome to indulge in the après-ski vibes.

42. Explore a new neighborhood in your city. Every weekend, my partner and I make a point to get out of our neighborhood and see what the surrounding areas have to offer. You’ll happen upon new restaurants, shops, and perhaps even discover where you want to live next (I have!).

43. Try rock climbing. Adventure, indoors. Sign up for a beginner’s class at your local climbing gym. Once you start, it’s hard to stop. Bonus: It’s even more fun with friends!

44. Subscribe to a gardening podcast. If you can’t wait until spring, start cultivating your green thumb now. The American Horticulture Society offers a whole library of podcasts on different gardening topics with expert guests. Learn about the Slow Flower Movement, how to support natural wildlife, and the importance of teaching kids how to garden.

45. Look at Christmas lights. Pile the family in the car or bundle up for a walk. It’s such a lovely way to soak up the holiday magic.

46. Make snow angels. If you’re lucky enough to have snow where you live, embrace the childhood joy of jumping in the snow.

47. Go ice skating. It never gets old. In the same vein: sledding!

48. Try cross-country skiing. It’s an amazing workout and a great way to take in the snowy scenery.

49. Do a cold plunge. You know it’s good for you—and in the winter, you don’t have to have one in your backyard to make it happen. Gather a group and go for a dip in a local lake. Trust us, it’s fun.

50. Visit a Christmas tree farm. If you usually pick up your tree from a store, change things up and cut one down at a farm. Bonus: It makes for great holiday pictures.

This post was originally published on January 3, 2023, and has since been updated.

Start Your Ovens—These Are the 16 Best Gifts for Every Baker on Your List

For some, baking is a once-in-a-while, special occasion event. It may look like welcoming a new neighbor with a homemade pie or whipping up a best friend’s favorite cake for a birthday surprise. For others, the coziness of cold weather baking merits a season unto itself (we’re talking the sort of baker who won’t let a little hot spell keep them from spending hours in their happy place: the kitchen). But no matter the genre of sweet or savory treat-lover in your life, we’ve rounded up the definitive list of the best gifts for bakers that’ll satisfy anyone on your list—yourself included!

When it comes to giving the gift of baked goods-bliss, the possibilities are endless. Some may get giddy at the sight of a shiny and sparkling sheet pan while others delight in a simple, but all-important cookie scoop. Here’s the good news: this list has it all. So, if you’re starting your shopping early (cue applause), you’ve come to the right place for the perfect baking present. And while we love giving gifts out of pure altruistic joy, who knows, maybe you’ll receive a batch of homemade cookies in return.

16 Best Gifts for Bakers You’ll Find This Year

Every product is curated with care by our editors and we’ll always give an honest opinion, whether gifted or purchased ourselves. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

Anthropologie Old Havana Bundt Pan

Who doesn’t love a coffee bundt cake to warm up a winter morning? With its vintage design, this glazed stoneware bundt pan will make any baker squeal with delight.

Figmint Stoneware Rectangle Baking Dish with Lid

This millennial-friendly line of baking tools and cookware blends an of-the-moment, neutral aesthetic with an ultra-functional ceramic finish. If cozy, comforting casseroles, cobblers, and crisps have been calling your name, here’s the answer.

Caza Zuma Sabre Dessert Server

A dessert server is a must-have for the lover of all things cakes and loaves. These Casa Zuma dessert servers are elegant with bistro-style sensibility. While these are dishwasher safe, we recommend hand-washing to maintain the stunning wood finish.

Williams Sonoma Goldtouch Pro Nonstick 6-Piece Essential Set

Is there anything more quintessentially Christmas than a December afternoon spent baking away? This set comes with everything you need for a dreamy day of holiday baking. With a cookie sheet, muffin pan, two round cake pans, a half-sheet pan, and a cooling rack, this set has it all. Perfect for the person who recently moved apartments or someone just starting out on their baking journey.

Pottery Barn Mason Stoneware Oil & Vinegar Cruet

These stoneware oil and vinegar bottles are sure to earn a permanent spot on your countertop. They bring the perfect neutral aesthetic with cruets that keep oil and vinegar fresh and protected from heat and light, and the tight-fitting spigots make for a smooth and easy pour.  

Pottery Barn Mason Stoneware Spoon Rest

A simple stoneware spoon rest is an understated gem. Need somewhere to put your spoon while you’re taking a break from stirring your sauce? Don’t want to make a mess while you have to attend to another dish? A solid and stunning spoon rest is always the answer.

Casa Zuma Oversized Linen Napkin

Part of channeling your inner chef is having a kitchen full of the best hosting essentials. These oversized linen napkins match any kitchen utensils or plate sets and look beautiful when paired with place cards or napkin rings.

Figmint Earthenware Ceramic Mixing Bowl Set

This stunning set of ceramic bowls is the perfect present for any friend who loves baking cookies on a mid-week whim. To round out the gift, you can nest the bowls and fill them with their favorite baking mix, a tea towel, and a spatula or whisk.

Casa Zuma Linen Apron

For the friend who loves good design and good food—this linen apron has them covered in style. As an amateur baker, I love it when useful products meet stunning colors and materials to inspire my budding culinary prowess.

Figmint 11lb Digital Kitchen Food Scale White

Trusty cookware is a kitchen essential. And while definitely (multi-)functional, this kitchen scale is—bonus—a stunner on your countertop. Oh, and if you’re not yet as obsessed with the minimalist glass look as I am, just wait until you see it in your kitchen.

OXO Non-Stick Rolling Pin

Good-quality rolling pins are a baking essential in every kitchen. Instead of having to constantly flour a rolling pin, this non-stick option is a great way to keep things tidy throughout the baking process.

Hearth & Hand x Magnolia Metal Kitchen Cooking Timer

No more setting a timer on your phone and dirtying your screen with flour and oil. This metal kitchen timer makes for both a decorative and useful addition to any kitchen counter. Plus, it’s one kitchen item that any baker could use.

Material Kitchen The Good Shears

Lauded by Bon Appétit, GQ, and The New York Times, this might just be the best new pair of kitchen shears to take the culinary world by storm. Material Kitchen knows a thing or two about crafting beautiful, sustainably made kitchen tools. Constructed of German stainless steel and featuring silicone handles, consider our minds blown by these seemingly humble shears.

Hearth & Hand x Magnolia KitchenAid Artisan 10-Speed Stand Mixer

Is your giftee still waiting to pull the trigger on a stand mixer? Meet the one that’s worth the precious counter space (and price tag). With 10+ attachments, 10 speeds, and an exclusive color, this is the one to buy.

Casa Zuma Large Vintage Wood Board

Charcuterie, picnicking, or serving holiday desserts, this vintage wood board is one of the best gifts for bakers. The quality and patina of this board is sure to stun all of your guests.

GRIDMANN Professional Silicone Baking Mat

While some may consider a sharpened set of knives to be the most essential kitchen tool, we’d argue that a set of tried-and-true silicone baking mats is most deserving of the designation. These mats save you some clean-up and ensure a more even bake. Plus, you won’t have to restock your parchment paper, and you can expect your cookies to crisp up to perfection.

This post was originally published on October 29, 2021, and has since been updated.

What to Do With Your Life in October—40 Activities to Cross Off Your Bucket List

I like to think of September as a soft start to fall. When the first of the month hits, our cravings orient toward all things cozy: blankets, socks, warm drinks, and activities to help us make the most of the transition indoors. But October? She’s a full-on embrace of all that’s perfect about the season. The temps have officially cooled and we’re no longer drinking our PSLs iced—everything is about being as warm and as comfy as possible. So when it comes to things to do in October, buckle up. We have plenty of fall fun in store.

You can bet that pumpkins are in abundance—both throughout our homes and in everything we bake—and we’re all getting prepped for the spooky season to come. With the crisp mornings and vibrant leaves, we’re enjoying all that nature has to offer. But with school in full swing and the holidays right around the corner, October tends to fly by all too quickly. That’s why, with this list of things to do in October, our intention is to help you slow down, while still making the most of all the excitement and energy this month brings.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

Image by Michelle Nash

40 Things to Do in October

This year, we want to slow down and relish in this month’s small joys without letting the season slip by. Ahead, we’re sharing our favorite things to do in October to help you live this month to the fullest. Grab your favorite sweater and a mug of something warm—things are about to get cozy.

1. Surprise a neighbor with some baked goods. Sweet treats are one of our favorite ways to let loved ones know we’re thinking of them. These pumpkin spice cookies are the ideal seasonal snack. Or, if you want to really treat someone, this pumpkin loaf cake boasts an out-of-this-world cream cheese frosting. And it couldn’t be easier.

    2. Visit your local farmer’s market and cook a seasonal dinner. Is there anything better than letting seasonal produce guide your way in the kitchen? Read up on everything that’s in season this fall and make a weekend morning out of shopping for all the fresh finds. When it’s time to cook, any one of these fall pasta recipes makes for the ultimate comfort meal. We also love this whole-roasted chicken. To make it seasonal, swap out the cherry tomatoes for diced sweet potatoes.

    3. Start a book club with your friends. Being cozy doesn’t have to be a solitary activity! Gather your girlfriends, make a fall grazing board, and start plowing through the most anticipated books this fall.

    4. Host a chili cook-off. This sweet potato and black bean chili is vegetarian-friendly and always our go-to. Invite friends to come over with their favorite chili recipe and taste-test to determine the best.

    5. Make s’mores at home. No campfire necessary! Follow our tips for making gourmet s’mores in the oven.

    6. Treat yourself to a cozy fall candle. Is there a better season for candles? We think not. Browse our favorite fall candles—from cedar and sandalwood to, of course, the perfect pumpkin-spiced jar.

    7. Do a fall skin reset. Prep your skin for the cooler weather ahead. You’re nine easy, but luxurious steps away from your best-ever fall skin.

    8. Transition your breakfast for fall. Ayurveda tells us to gravitate to grounding and warm dishes when the temps start to drop. I love a bowl of kitchari in the morning for a detoxifying boost or my favorite pumpkin spice oatmeal. And if you can’t let go of your smoothie obsession, this pumpkin spice number has your name on it.

    9. Go for a fall hike with friends. While I love hiking in the summertime, there’s nothing better than putting on a few light layers and venturing out with friends to look at all the pretty fall leaves. Pick a weekend morning to hit the trail early, and convene at the end for a few fall treats.

    10. Go apple picking and whip up a batch of apple cider. Is there anything more fall than going apple picking? Depending on where you live, you’ll want to prioritize this at the start of the month, as apple season usually falls between mid-September and early October. Once you have all your apples gathered, whip up some homemade apple cider in the slow cooker or on the stovetop. Your entire house will smell amazing.

    Image by Michelle Nash

    11. Deck out your front porch with fall decor. Clearly, we’re fans of piling on the pumpkins when it comes to upping our curb appeal this time of year. But you can add large outdoor hurricane lanterns to round out the seasonal moment.

    12. Spend a weekend away at a cabin in the woods. It’s the most magical way to soak up the fall foliage. Find a cabin on Airbnb or book through sites like Getaway, where you can find tiny cabins just a few hours’ drive from most cities in the country.

    13. Switch up your phone and computer backgrounds. Browse Pinterest for a background that resonates and reminds you of all you want to cultivate this season. Or, create a vision board on Canva to represent your goals.

    14. Go antique shopping. And support some great small businesses in the process. Make a morning out of getting a fall beverage with friends and walking around town to visit the best antique shops in your area. The best part? You always end up with something unexpected, but absolutely perfect.

    15. Train for a 5K. Even if you don’t have aspirations of being a marathon runner, you can still get outside and enjoy a faster pace than usual. Train with a friend or your partner and sign up for a local 5K. Apps like Nike Run Club and Couch to 5k are excellent ways to find support throughout the journey.

    16. Make the best pumpkin bread ever. We found the winner.

    17. Cozy up your house with some new fall throws. Target has plenty of faves and we’re obsessed with this cotton oversized throw from Pom Pom at home.

    18. DIY an incredible Halloween costume. We have all the Halloween costume inspiration you could ever need.

    19. Shake up your pumpkin decorating skills. Sure, it’s fun to carve pumpkins, but we love adding a creative spin with a little paint, feathers, florals—anything! Try one or more of these no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas.

    20. Have a fall movie marathon. From the classics to comedy and everything in between, these are the best movies to stream this fall.

    Image by Michelle Nash

    21. Invest in a cozy fall wardrobe. When it comes to fall dressing, this season is all about the staples. Sweaters, trench coats, and the perfect boots—our editors share their fall-dressing faves.

    22. Plan the perfect fall date. As we’ve said, ’tis the season for getting cozy. And there’s no one we want to do that with more than our S.O. Try one of these cute and cozy fall date ideas to make the most of the season together.

    23. Have a fall picnic. PSA: picnic season extends past summer! Put together a moveable feast (we love a good charcuterie board tailored to the season) and pour some hot cocoa or cider into a thermos. Easy and effortless—as all the best meals are.

    24. Invite friends over for a bonfire. In addition to a fall picnic, bonfires are one of our favorite ways to gather with friends during the fall. Make it a potluck, supply some warm drinks, and make s’mores together at the end.

    25. Decorate your front porch with mums. Alongside pumpkins, mums are the ultimate representation of fall. Gather a few from a nursery or even the supermarket (they’re usually lined up out front this time of year), and let them add a nice colorful touch to your outdoor entryway.

    26. Tailgate a football game. Be it high school, college, or a professional game, I’m of the opinion that tailgating is the best part of any football showdown. Coordinate dishes with friends, bundle up in sweaters and blankets, and root for the home team!

    27. Take up a knitting or crochet project. Besides reading, knitting and crocheting are my favorite fall activities. Pick up some tips on YouTube or purchase a beginner’s kit complete with everything you need to teach yourself. Alternatively, local yarn shops almost always offer classes and knitting circles so you can learn from the pros.

    28. Visit a winery. Spend a Saturday afternoon winery hopping with friends. It’s a perfect way to take in the scenery and get caught up over a couple of glasses.

    29. Spend an entire morning reading. While I love reading, it seems that the only time I have for it during the week is before bed. And even then, I make it a few pages in and my eyes begin shutting on themselves. Dedicated a Saturday or Sunday morning entirely to reading. Cozy up on the couch with a blanket and a cup of tea and prepare to get lost in a new read.

    30. Make a fall playlist. There are some songs that perfectly evoke the fall. For me, that’s anything Gregory Alan Isakov, Andrew Bird, and Fleet Foxes. Pick your favorite fall songs and create a playlist complete with all of them. Press play whenever you want to immediately feel cozy.

    Image by Michelle Nash

    31. Re-watch Gilmore Girls, from start to finish. Gilmore Girls, undeniably, is the perfect fall show. Start from the very beginning and enjoy it season-to-season, all the way through.

    32. Find the best apple cider doughnuts in town. More and more, apple cider doughnuts seem to be making their way out of New England and all across the country. Pick up a bag of these delicious doughnuts from your town’s market, or if you’re lucky, you’ll find someone making them fresh at a local orchard or farm stand.

    33. Celebrate soup Sunday. If you haven’t heard, we’re hosting Soup Sunday over on Instagram. Join us every weekend to make our favorite Camille Styles soup recipes and to get cozy as a community.

    34. Have a weekly walking date. One of my girlfriends and I meet up every week to walk around our neighborhood. It’s the perfect way to get caught up on each other’s lives and to share the goings-on of our weeks. Plus, is walking not the most perfect form of exercise?

    35. Buy or DIY a fall wreath for your front door. We love this minimalist fall wreath DIY that completely refreshes your front door. Or, browse online for the perfect topper to your front porch fall decor.

    36. Carve a pumpkin and toast the seeds. Make a night out of pumpkin carving and save the seeds to toast in the oven. We love these easy recipes for toasted pumpkin seeds, three ways to satisfy every fall craving.

    37. Make a fall-scented simmer pot. It’s the easiest way to naturally scent your home. Gather cinnamon sticks, sliced apples, cloves—anything you want to waft through your home. Browse these 11 simmer pot ideas for inspiration.

    38. Do a puzzle with your partner, family, or roommates. Gather everyone in the house for an evening of puzzling. Could this autumn puzzle be any more perfect for the occasion? Break out the fall snacks (courtesy of Trader Joe’s, of course) and enjoy a cozy Octobernight with a few mugs of something warm.

    39. Start planning your holiday cards. While we love being in the moment and soaking up all the things to do in October, this is the perfect time to start planning your holiday cards. Find a date for taking pictures, purchase your stationary, and make a note of everyone’s address you’ll be sending cards to this year.

    40. Make caramel apples. While October is full of sweet treats, I have to say: caramel apples reign supreme. And luckily, it couldn’t be easier to make them. Try this three-ingredient “recipe” for caramel apples and spend an afternoon with the kiddos decorating to your heart’s content.

    This post was originally published on October 2, 2020, and has since been updated.

20 Easy Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Appetizers to Put At the Top of Your Must-Make List

Of course, we go to parties to see our friends, but let’s be real: We’re also pragmatic play there for the apps. Snacks are a highlight of any gathering, especially when they can be enjoyed by everyone. But in today’s world, there’s a pretty good chance that you have at least one friend who doesn’t vibe with grains or another who’s strictly plant-based. When hosting, it can be tough to keep up with your guests’ dietary preferences, which is why we’ve rounded up the best gluten-free dairy-free appetizers to share with friends and family.

A grazing table is a perfect opportunity to mix and match a variety of different cuisines, flavors, and textures so people can personalize their plates however they please. While there can be so many options to choose from when it comes to starters, I have a fool-proof list of favorites I return to time and again that are safe for most types of eaters. The best appetizers are easy to prepare, taste great at room temperature, and are just as nourishing as they are delish.

Most of the recipes in this list only require a few ingredients, can be prepared in 20 minutes or less, and are all gluten and dairy-free, so they’re a safe bet for whoever comes your way. Scroll on for our list of the best gluten-free, dairy-free appetizers for your next party.

Featured image by Suruchi Avasthi.

Salads and Platters

White Bean & Raddichio Salad

Why We Love It: Sure, the garnish of Parmigiano Reggiano might take this app out of the dairy-free category, but one of our favorite things about salads (other than the fact that they make it super easy to get your greens) is that they’re entirely customizable. This salad balances a slightly bitter bite with a creamy texture. It’s proof that you should always ask more of your salad.

Hero Ingredient: Raddichio is the most underrated leaf vegetable in the game. Not only does it give this salad gorgeous color, but it makes it feel substantial while still, you know, being a salad.

Spring Crudité with Green Goddess Dressing

Why We Love It: If you’re craving color, fresh flavor, and veggies, this spring crudité platter delivers on all counts. You’re welcome to serve the vibrant, verdant green goddess dressing with any mix of raw and/or roasted veggies of your choosing. Need a little guidance? The more your platter mimics the rainbow, the better.

Hero Ingredient: To make this recipe dairy-free, we swap in plant-based yogurt in lieu of whole milk Greek yogurt. We love Cocojune, which gives a slight edge of coconut that’s nice with the lemon’s acidity and herby additions. Or, you can try CocoYo that’s wonderfully rich and a good source of probiotics.

Mango Salad With Rhubarb Ginger Dressing and Chili Almonds From The First Mess

Why We Love It: Mangoes are an ingredient I always like to throw into any salad-type dish. While some might think the fruit operates best in desserts and sweet dishes, we’d argue that they deserve their place in veggie-forward apps. Case in point, this stunner of a salad. The colors are bright and the entire dish delivers a whole lot of flavor.

Hero Ingredient: Chili almonds? Chili almonds. Pro tip: Double your batch so you have enough for spontaneous snacking.


Bhutta Street Corn Guacamole

Why We Love It: There’s always room for guacamole on the menu—particularly one that brings a whole host of flavor to our favorite classic app. Healthy fat-filled avocados, roasted corn, fresh cilantro, lime juice, and a blend of just-hot-enough spices. What’s not to love?

Hero Ingredient: The corn in this recipe adds a delicious heft to the texture and a satisfying charred flavor to this crowd-pleasing dish.

Carrot Turmeric Hummus

Why We Love It: While you can (and should!) feel good about snacking on any and all bites you put on your plate, this is one that’ll send your serotonin skyrocketing—especially when served with an array of colorful veggies. This hummus is also bean-free, so it’s a safe bet for anyone who might be sensitive to legumes, too.

Hero Ingredient: Turmeric does double duty, giving this dip both vibrant color and warming spice.

Edamame Dip With Mint, Jalapeño, and Lime From The First Mess

Why We Love It: Is it enough to call a recipe one of the best gluten-free, dairy-free appetizers based on visuals alone? Well, the good news is that this dip is aesthetically pleasing while also satisfying all your gustatory needs. Sweet? Savory? Spicy? Check, check, and check.

Hero Ingredient: Edamame is surprisingly buttery, and its sweet/nutty pairing is unmatched.

5-Minute Vegan Cashew Queso From Minimalist Baker

Why We Love It: Delicious and creamy, this dairy-free queso might even win over your cheese-loving friends. It uses cashews, nutritional yeast, and hot water for the “cheesy” base, with a mix of delicious spices for some added flavor.

Hero Ingredient: I alluded to it above, but nutritional yeast deserves a spotlight all to its own. It’s key to making any vegan dish super cheesy. Minus the cheese, of course.

Cheesy Vegan Spinach & Artichoke Dip From Minimalist Baker

Why We Love It: Let’s be real—any gathering is really just another opportunity to make spinach and artichoke dip. Rich and creamy, this healthier take on a classic dish is sure to cure your comfort food cravings—minus any post-indulgence discomfort.

Hero Ingredient: Artichoke hearts give this vegan dip heft and body while supplying a briny bite that perfectly balances out the creaminess.

White Bean Dip From Love & Lemons

Why We Love It: This recipe requires just four ingredients that you likely already have on hand: cannellini beans, lemon, olive oil, and garlic. Does cooking get much easier than that?

Hero Ingredient: Your lemons are the MVP of this dish. Using both zest and juice lends this dip insanely good flavor.

Sweet Potato Black Bean Dip From Minimalist Baker

Why We Love It: This is not your average bean dip. Starring sweet potatoes, black beans, and avocado, this appetizer is basically a mash-up of all of my favorite flavors in one bowl.

Hero Ingredient: Minced jalapeño may be optional, but if it’s that authentic kick you’re after, I’d encourage you to go all in.


Baked Sesame Chicken Wings From The Defined Dish

Why We Love It: Sweet and savory, these baked sesame chicken wings are gluten and dairy-free… and they’re packed with flavor. You’ll find yourself coming back to this recipe again and again.

Hero Ingredient: You can thank the fish sauce for the aforementioned flavor. Trust me—it ties the spice and sweetness together beautifully.

Chorizo-Stuffed Bacon-Wrapped Dates From The Defined Dish

Why We Love It: You need this appetizer at your next party. We consistently make a batch of these chorizo-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates for large-scale gatherings, and they’re always the MVPs of the night.

Hero Ingredient: I’m drooling equally over this recipe’s chorizo and bacon callouts. But honestly, with the welcome spice it imparts, the chorizo wins out.

Smoked Salmon Carpaccio With Fried Capers and Herbs From The Defined Dish

Why We Love It: Salty yet refreshing, this smoked salmon carpaccio with crispy capers will transport you to Italy after just one bite. Elevate your next grazing table with this beautiful, nutrient-packed dish.

Hero Ingredient: Capers are the briny, salty, flavor-packed gems that’ll make any savory recipe all the better.

Arrowroot Fried Chicken Nuggets From Megan Nash

Why We Love It: What is it about chicken nuggets that make them a necessity at every party? This chicken nugget recipe (created by my sister) is on the regular dinner rotation at our house, so trust me when I say these nuggets are simple, healthy, and hit the spot every time. Turns out, there’s no breading required to get that crispy-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside texture that makes chicken nuggets such a hit.

Hero Ingredient: The secret to that crispy crust? The genius of arrowroot flour knows no bounds.


Blistered Padrón Peppers From What’s Gaby Cooking

Why We Love It: Blistered peppers are one of those appetizers that are best kept simple. Just heat up some oil in a pan, sauté the whole batch, and you’ve got a restaurant-worthy appetizer ready to go in minutes.

Hero Ingredient: Out of all the gluten-free, dairy-free appetizers on this list, this has to be one of my favorites. With so few ingredients in the mix, it has to be the Padrón peppers themselves. Their spice is subtly intense (it’s possible!) and slightly sweet. If you’ve prepared a similar dish with shishito peppers, expect a relatively similar result.

Crispy Baked Buffalo Cauliflower Wings From Rachel Mansfield

Why We Love It: When I whipped up a batch of these cauliflower wings for a football-watching party, they were gone in seconds. (Don’t worry, I guarantee they’ll be a hit served for any and all occasions.) They’re flavorful, easy to make, and best served with the yummy dipping sauce of your choice.

Hero Ingredient: This recipe is just another example of the universal truth: Cauliflower can really do it all.

Why We Love It: You truly can’t go wrong with sweet potato fries. If you have a knife and an oven, you’re already well on your way to making this standout recipe. These are crispy oven fries, mastered—and it’s a recipe that’s always a go-to when my fry cravings hit.

Hero Ingredient: Cornstarch is key to getting your fries extra crispy.

Summer Fruit Salad From Love & Lemons

Why We Love It: How gorgeous is this salad? Sometimes there’s nothing better than all of your favorite seasonal fruits on a platter drizzled with a refreshing vinaigrette.

Hero Ingredient: Upon first glance, this is a simple, humble dish. But incorporating grated ginger into your dressing plays up its sweetness while also weaving in a little welcome spice.

Game Night Crispy Potato Bruschetta From Oh She Glows

Why We Love It: This crispy potato bruschetta is the gluten-free version of your favorite Italian starter. By swapping out the bread for equally delicious crispy potatoes, you’ve made this dish plant-based in a snap without sacrificing flavor.

Hero Ingredient: A marinade that leans on balsamic vinegar for a figgy, complex flavor is always a winner in my book.

Grilled Vegetable Platter From Damned Delicious

Why We Love It: Last but definitely not least, a grilled vegetable platter is a simple way to healthify your next feast. Just throw your favorite veggies on the grill or in a pan and wait until they’re soft and slightly charred. You can’t go wrong!

Hero Ingredient: When it comes to a vinaigrette whose purpose is to coat your favorite veggies with plenty of herby, charred flavor, good, fruity olive oil is key.

This post was originally published on June 25, 2021, and has since been updated.

Who’s Ready for Cozy Season? 50 Ideas to Add to Your Fall Bucket List

Summer is officially out (well, the heat still seems to be lingering) and we’re all ready for fall. There’s so much to enjoy about the upcoming season: savoring good food, enjoying the outdoors, flexing our creative muscles, and making meaningful connections with the people closest to us. With so much to do, we organized our annual fall bucket list to keep you inspired all throughout the season. Autumn’s back, baby.

One of the best things about the season is that there is so much beauty just waiting to be soaked up. Regardless of your preferences, everyone can get excited about a full fall bucket list. If you’re an outdoorsy person, taking advantage of the crisp weather and changing leaves makes it a gorgeous opportunity to plan outdoor activities. If you’re a homebody, then it’s time to stock up on candles and perfect your hot apple cider recipe. The markets are bursting with gorgeous seasonal fruits and veggies, the upcoming fall TV lineup is ripe for bingeing, and our coats are ready to be shown off once again.

Featured image from our interview with Carrie Barber by Teal Thomsen.

Image by Michelle Nash

50 Fall Bucket List Ideas for Your Best Season Yet

While the freedom of summer has made way for our fall schedules, we plan to continue leaving room for a little unexpected fun in our days. (Even in the middle of a workweek!) So, light that pumpkin candle and get inspired to soak up all our fall bucket list has in store for you.

For the Homebody

1. Give your space a fall makeover. Because I’m spending a lot more time indoors during the upcoming months, cozying up my home is one of my favorite—and arguably, necessary—fall activities. When the temps start to drop, I take it as a sign to begin incorporating soft textures and deep hues into every corner. If you’re looking for inspiration, our editors shared their favorite cozy fall picks.

2. Splurge (or save) on the best fall candles. When fall comes around, there’s no denying: It’s time to buy a candle to match the season. Shop all the fall candles your home needs this year.

3. Refresh your coffee table. It’s the best spot in the house to display your favorite books, decorative objects, and candles (see above). Because we take our coffee table design so seriously, we asked a few designers for their tips and tricks. Their guide to designing your dream coffee table is the perfect place to start.

4. Invest in a projector for cozy movie nights. It’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is a blast. Plus, who doesn’t love having the big screen experience from the comfort of your home. (Where you can eat as much popcorn as you want?)

5. Treat yourself to a plush new blanket. It’s cozy season, after all! Browse all of our favorite blankets for max comfort.

6. Stock your pantry with Trader Joe’s fall faves. Is there a better place to celebrate all that’s beautiful about fall foods? We think not. Check out our guide to the best fall treats at Trader Joe’s.

7. Host a game night. It’s the coziest gathering you’ll have all season. Steal Camille’s step-by-step tips for a memorable game night.

8. Make pizzas with the gang. Not feeling like going out? While pizza is arguably a perfect food year-round, there’s something extra cozy about topping a thin, crispy crust with all the best fall produce. Here’s how it’s done.

9. Update your dining table. Your coffee table shouldn’t have all the fun! Get our ideas for the perfect fall centerpiece that’ll draw everyone’s eyes to the table. (Followed, of course, by the food.)

10. Decorate with branches. As we shift from the summertime florals, branches are our favorite way to decorate when the temps drop. Get inspired with a pro’s tips for artful branch arrangements.

Image by Michelle Nash

For the Outdoor Enthusiast

11. Go leaf-peeping. Load up the car and check out some of the gorgeous sights as the leaves begin to change.

12. Plan a spontaneous road trip and go camping. Check out nearby campgrounds and our guide to the ultimate road trip.

13. Volunteer at a local farm. What better way to spend a chilly fall day than snuggling a little lamb?

14. Visit a pumpkin patch. Experience autumnal bliss at this forever-fall favorite.

15. Go apple picking. If you can find a farm with a cidery attached to enjoy some seasonal adult beverages, even better!

16. Jump on the pickleball bandwagon. Pick up the game that everyone can’t stop obsessing over.

17. Find a new favorite hiking trail. Hiking isn’t just for the warmer months! Pack adequate layers so you’re prepared in case of an emergency. See this guide for everything you need before you set out (whether it’s a short jaunt or a longer backpacking excursion). And be sure to take a few friends along for the adventure!

18. Plant a backyard garden and grow your own food. Fall is actually peak season for lots of veggies, even if you don’t have much outdoor space. Here are eight fruit and vegetable varieties you should start with for an easy DIY container garden. Prepare to be amazed at what you can grow at home!

19. Explore a cemetery. Indulge in the spooky season with a walk through a historic cemetery.

20. Attend a local fall festival. Plenty of cities and towns host them throughout the fall. Prepare for caramel apples, cider doughnuts, and all the best local fare.

Image by Michelle Nash

For the Creatively Inclined

21. Plan out the ultimate Halloween costume in advance. Am I the only one who comes up with countless brilliant costumes all throughout the year, only to forget them come October 28th? Don’t let the holiday catch you by surprise! Check out our favorite family costumes, easy kids costumes, and last-minute get-ups that require zero effort.

22. Fill your journal with these thought-provoking prompts. While the summer might have seen us out and about more often than looking inwards, fall is the perfect time to reset and get realigned with your inner thoughts.

23. Make a seasonal playlist. Add some moody tunes to stomp through leaves to like Elliott Smith, Billie Eilish, and Weyes Blood.

24. Cook your way through one of fall’s newly-released cookbooks. Then surprise your family or roommate with a home-cooked meal.

25. Brew your own kombucha at home. Yep, you can do it—everything you need to know is here. Mocktails anyone?

26. Pick up a new hobby. Ideally, one that’s perfect for staying inspired indoors! I’ve always been a knitter, but this year, I’ve made it a goal to build upon my love of fiber arts with crocheting and sewing. You can always try your hand at painting or put your old magazines to work and make a vision board.

27. Make a hearty, seasonal meal for one. No special occasion necessary.

28. Learn a new instrument. I’m not sure I’ve found anything more gratifying than picking up a musical instrument. And because I’ve been playing the drums for 19 years (flex), I can confirm: This is the best way to spend a rainy day.

29. Mark your calendar for new music dropping this fall. From Olivia Rodrigo to Dolly Parton’s star-studded rock album.

30. Bake all your fall faves. Is there anything better than spending an entire weekend day baking away? I think not. Now’s the time to make the most of all your favorite sweet, pumpkin recipes and incorporate apples into everything. Check out our go-to list of fall baking ideas.

31. Invest in your social media. No, we’re not saying that you have to have dreams of becoming an influencer. But there’s so much fun to be had by making creative Reels and seeing social media as a scrapbook of your life. Instead of scrolling mindlessly, see others’ digital creations as an opportunity to get inspired and post as you please.

32. Press fall leaves. Want the autumnal magic to last beyond October? Go on a hike, gather some fallen leaves, and press them inside a book. You can display them around the house to add a little coziness in every corner.

Image by Michelle Nash

For the Social Butterfly

33. Surprise a friend or loved one with a care package. Happy Box curates adorable gift boxes for various occasions. Or better yet, craft one of your own! Assemble a box or a bag of their favorite things—books, self-care objects, and even a homemade baked good. (Don’t forget to throw in the recipe!)

34. Donate time to your community. Help to clean up a community garden, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or check out your local Meals on Wheels program.

35. Have a picnic in the park to savor the changing leaves. Get all the fall picnic-packing inspiration you need.

36. Meet up with your friends for a cinema date. The era of Barbie fever may be ending, but there are plenty of new movies coming out this fall. And what’s cozier than a date with friends or a partner at the cinema?

37. Go with your friends to their kids’ soccer games. Or football, or whatever fall sport they play! Bring hot cider and maybe treats for the kiddos afterwards. It’s a fun way to support your loved ones and get together.

38. Perfect your fall cheeseboard. Contrary to popular belief, the food doesn’t always have to be prepared the moment your guests arrive. Pour some wine, set out the ingredients (cheese, dried meats, nuts, and seasonal fruits) and assemble together. Get inspired with our guide to making an Instagram-worthy fall cheeseboard.

39. Establish regular date nights with your partner. Fall is the perfect time to get cozy with those you love. If you’re in a long-term partnership (or even just started dating), ask these 50 questions to build intimacy and get to know each other better.

40. Play ‘Never Have I Ever.’ Hot take: this game will never get old. Gather with your friends around the fire pit and ask each other these 101 ‘Never Have I Ever’ questions. Warning: Things are about to get juicy.

Image by Michelle Nash

For the Wellness Maven

41. Take a detox bath. We’re all about indulging in this supportive, health-promoting practice. Check out our favorite detox bath salts and soaks and treat yourself to an at-home spa day.

42. Tune in to the 2022 Emmy Awards on September 12. Hosted by Kenan Thompson, this year’s award ceremony is sure to be a good time. Catch up on who’s nominated from Only Murders in the Building to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel here.

43. Hunker down at your local coffee shop with a fresh new book. I just picked up The Fortunes of Jaded Women when it came out a couple of days ago, and I’m already hooked. And you can bet I’ll be devouring Elizabeth Strout’s latest, Lucy by the Sea when it releases on September 20th.

44. Curate your newsletter subscriptions. Thankfully, we did the hard work for you. Get the scoop on all of our favorite email newsletters that keep us inspired, learning, and laughing on the reg.

45. Re-watch your favorite Gilmore Girls episodes. Or, better yet, marathon the whole thing through. Now: are you team Dean, Jess, or Logan?

46. Orient your nighttime routine to the fall. The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting darker. Living in tune with the seasons is one of the best ways we can support our physical and mental well-being. Turn the lights down starting at 8 p.m., play calming music, turn off the tech, and curl up with a cup of tea, your favorite fall read, or perhaps your journal.

47. Practice lymphatic massage. Maybe your face is feeling swollen, or you’re bloated from months of carefree, summertime living. Whatever the case, lymphatic drainage massage can help reduce stress and anxiety, boost your immune system, and support glowing skin. Start with gua sha, dry brushing, or book a lymphatic massage with a provider in your area.

48. Make a big batch of bone broth for the week. Bone broth is one of the most powerful, natural tools we have to promote healthy digestion. What’s more, it’s a great source of collagen and supports healthy sleep. Learn everything you need to know about how to make your own bone broth.

49. Commit to a Sunday reset. I have a strict rule that I never make social plans on Sundays. The end of the weekend is my time to rest with a good book or show, clean the house, meal prep, and get aligned for the week ahead. Sunday Scaries, who?

50. Create your dream life. Manifestation is a powerful way to set your goals in motion. Paired with hard work, manifesting can provide you with a road map and a direction to help you set meaningful intentions. Get an expert’s guide to all things manifestation.

This post was originally published on September 14, 2020, and has since been updated.