25 Five-Minute Tasks That Will Make You Healthier and Happier Today

Though it makes me cringe to say it, one of my biggest personal weaknesses is my tendency to overcommit. As much as I believe in the freedom that comes with saying no more often, it’s hard not to take on too much. If you’re a recovering people-pleaser like me, then you know the struggle. When an interesting or fun opportunity comes along, the temptation is often too great. But with the new year underway—and to find more happiness in simplicity—I brainstormed a list of five-minute tasks that will make you feel better instantly. Without any of the post-commitment guilt.

Because for “yes” women like myself, January can be an especially tough time. The blank slate of a new year provides endless opportunities for personal projects. (Of course we can get fit, throw more dinner parties, volunteer every week, be more present with our kids, and take a photography class all this month!).

25 Five-Minute Tasks That’ll Help You Feel Better Instantly

If like me, you’ve made similar mistakes in years past and are wondering how to feel better, this post is for you. PSA: Positive life changes are often the result of small, daily habits.

Keep scrolling for the easy tasks that’ll make you healthier and happier today. (All in five minutes or less!) Because in 2024, I’m looking for quick ways to add a dose of health into every day.

Embrace a Healthier No-Cook Breakfast

We all know that a healthy breakfast is super important, but, let’s face it, mornings are usually when we’re most time-starved. Instead of grabbing a packaged granola bar, add a couple of no-cook “assembled” breakfasts to your repertoire, like these delicious overnight oats, an upgraded avocado toast, and your new go-to smoothies.

Plan Your Outfit the Night Before

Decision fatigue is bound to strike at a moment’s notice. Be proactive and get as much prep done the evening before. Take a few minutes to put together an outfit you love. Take into account your schedule the next day and what will feel best. That way, all that’s left to do in the morning is get dressed and go.

Text a Friend

I love sending a quick text to a friend or loved one simply to let them know I’m thinking of them. When they open the message, they’ll be grateful for the thoughtfulness. It’s a low-effort way to brighten someone else’s day and strengthen your bond.


Add a Handful of Spinach to Your Smoothie

Y’all know we’re big fans of a breakfast smoothie around here. There’s no quicker way to get your greens on than by throwing a handful of raw or frozen spinach into the blender along with the other ingredients. And if you’re not a huge spinach fan, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how the green taste just kind of disappears behind the sweeter fruit.

Take Your Vitamins

Of course, eating whole, nutritionally-packed foods is priority number one, but even the healthiest eaters among us could use a boost from time to time. I’m a believer in popping a whole-food multivitamin, a high-quality probiotic, and a magnesium supplement daily. They help me cover all the bases and are a great complement to a well-rounded diet.

Get Rolling

I’ve started using a foam roller for five minutes every night before bed to relieve tension that’s built up in my body throughout the day. I’ve already noticed a huge difference in how much more relaxed I feel when I crawl under the covers. Here are six ways to get started with one now.

Walking on under-desk pad.

Work Out at Your Desk

Especially for those of us who sit for long periods at work, squeezing in a few stretches throughout the day is key to feeling energized. Pick up one of the trendy under-desk treadmills you’ve seen all over social media. Or, double up your exercise with some quality time outdoors. Hot girl walks are still holding strong for a reason!

Spice Things Up

Many delicious spices have surprising health benefits. Adding a sprinkle to your dishes is a quick way to infuse them with flavor and nutrition. I add half a teaspoon of cinnamon to my oatmeal and coffee, which has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels, and adding turmeric to a stir-fry or chili packs it with additional antioxidants.

Take a Five-Minute Breath Break

Only in the last couple of months since I started meditating have I fully appreciated the benefits of breathing. It may sound simple, but taking a five-minute break in the middle of the day to close your eyes and focus on your breath is a total game changer. It’s a quick practice that will improve your mood, reduce stress, and focus your energy where you need it to be.

Herbal tea.

Sip Herbal Tea

Savoring a cup of herbal tea at the end of the day is an instant de-stressor and can even help quell those sugar cravings that tend to strike an hour after dinner. I always sip a cup of Yogi Bedtime tea while I read in bed which usually helps me drift off faster. If you want to learn more about the amazing world of herbs, read this.

Keep a Water Bottle Within Arm’s Reach

For me, water falls into the “out of sight, out of mind category,” so I do my best to keep a bottle filled with filtered water on my desk or in my car at all times. On days when I stay hydrated throughout the day, I feel more focused and awake. This is my current fave.

Do a Random Act of Kindness

Because even the smallest acts of support can help someone feel seen. Get inspired with our favorite ways to spread a little cheer and love.

Replace Scrolling With Reading

Picking up a book can be just as easy as picking up your phone. Make it a habit of getting a few pages in rather than mindlessly scrolling your feeds. Have a goal of reading more this year? Every five minutes counts.

Set Your Phone to Night Shift Mode

You’ve probably heard that the blue light of our electronics is really disruptive to sleep, since it disrupts melatonin production and tricks your brain into thinking that it’s daytime. Enter: Night Shift mode. If you’re not already acquainted with this nifty little iPhone and iPad setting, get ready to have your mind blown. If it’s activated, every night when Night Shift mode kicks on, your phone automatically adjusts its display to give off a warmer light that isn’t as disruptive to sleep as the typical blue light. Here’s how to enable it. (I have mine set to the From Sunset to Sunrise schedule.)

Get more game-changing tips to help you get a good night’s sleep!

Make a List

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that it’s impossible to move onto your next task? When that happens, I take a brief pause and turn to a blank notebook page to jot down everything that’s on my mind. List out all the stressors and to-do’s that are taking up space. Suddenly, with everything on paper, it becomes easier to plow through your tasks.

Wash Veggies Right When You Get Home From the Grocery Store

It only takes a few minutes to rinse and dry veggies right when you get home from the store, but it can be transformative during the week when you need produce in a hurry. I wrap lettuce in paper towels so it’s ready for salads, and store sturdy veggies like carrots and celery in glass containers with lids in the fridge where I can see them. When I’m craving a snack, I’m way more likely to reach for the veggies and hummus. Here are other time-saving grocery store habits I try to adopt.

Pack Your Lunch

Yes, you CAN pack a healthy and delicious lunch in less time than you can pick up something from the fast-food window. My go-to weekday salad is usually veggies that I prepped when I got home from the store, leftover cooked chicken or boiled egg or avocado, something crunchy like nuts or seeds, and a homemade dressing that I made for dinner over the weekend. If you’re looking for more salad inspo, try my take on this viral recipe.

Stretch While You Watch TV

Stretching is one of those things that often gets pushed to the bottom of our priority lists, but it makes a huge difference in how your body feels. If you have time to Netflix, you have time to stretch. I make it a habit to dedicate the first five minutes while I’m watching any show to getting down on the floor and running through a few stretches. Bonus: They help me sleep better, too.

Send That Email

You know the one—it’s the message that’s been plaguing your inbox for days (okay, sometimes weeks) that you keep putting off. Oftentimes, when it comes to things we procrastinate on, actually getting it done tends to be easier than we think. Open it up, start typing, and hit send. Now didn’t that feel amazing?

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Taking a few minutes to write down what you’re thankful for has been shown to lower stress levels, encourage better sleep, and boost happiness. In other words, major bang for the five minutes it takes. The key is to just start doing it regularly so that it becomes a habit. I keep a notebook and pen on my nightstand, and every evening I jot down a few things that I’m grateful for that day. Don’t worry about good handwriting or complete sentences—the simple act of writing will naturally encourage reflection.

Not sure where to start? These are our favorite guided journals. You can also try these journal prompts to inspire even more reflection.

Practice Positive Affirmations

I get it—saying things like I attract abundance or I am worthy of love and acceptance can seem awkward the first time you do it. But like gratitude journaling, the more you practice positive affirmations, not only do they flow with more ease, but you start to believe them—and embody their truths. Write down 3-5 affirmations that you’ll say to yourself in the mirror every morning or evening. Trust me, it’s a transformative practice.

Apply (and Reapply) SPF

It’s a life-saving practice—and one that takes less than a minute. Slather on the best sunscreen for your skin. And if you really don’t have the time, prioritize your face.

Make Your Bed in the Morning

I love learning what keeps successful women energized and inspired throughout the day. So naturally, I asked my favorite ladies to share their secrets (read ’em here!). My top takeaway? Make your bed every single morning as most of them do. The simple task gives you an instant sense of accomplishment and helps you feel like you can take on whatever the day throws at you. Plus, starting with that one good habit creates a domino effect. The feel-good vibes from tackling it will motivate you not to skip out on other positive tasks.

Ice Roll Your Face

If you’re like me, you wake up only to look in the mirror at an inevitably puffy face. C’est la vie. And while it may be inevitable, there are easy ways to get instantly snatched. Enter: ice rolling. Not only does the practice feel seriously good and energizing, but it helps boost circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage. Snag our favorite ice roller and lean into the power of cold therapy.

Make Your Water Even Healthier

And taste better. We all know the struggle when it comes to meeting our daily hydration quota. Make it a little easier (and give your H20 even more bang for your wellness buck) with these 10 natural ways to supercharge your water. Dehydration is so 2023.

7 Habits of Encouraging People You Can Adopt Today

Knowing how to encourage someone is my brand. (And apparently, I’m on trend—2023 has been called “the year of the hype women.”) I’m a hype girl at heart. It’s important for me to call out and celebrate when people in my life—coworkers, friends, family—do something amazing, noteworthy, and truly… just cool! (And even if it’s a seemingly normal, run-of-the-mill accomplishment: hype. it. up.) As someone who’s been bogged down by negative self-talk in the past, I know: the best thing we can do for our communities is lift each other up, one encouraging word at a time.

Because here’s the truth: In this world that can be difficult and unforgiving at times, we’re all simply doing our best. We’re each navigating our own challenges, and one of the most transformative things we can be reminded of is the truth that we’re not alone.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

Image by Michelle Nash

How to Encourage Someone: 7 Effective Tips

If you’re looking to spread a little kindness, remind those you love of their wonderful qualities, and simply make the world a more supportive and hopeful place (yes, the power of encouragement knows no bounds), read on. Ahead, discover tips and opportunities to hype up the people in your life—plus why it’s important to recognize the good in all that we do.

1. Check In With Yourself First

It’s true what they say: You can’t pour from an empty cup. If you’re in a position of trying to encourage someone, it’s important to make sure you’re in a good place to do so. In the moment, this can look like journaling out your emotions to gain a better understanding of your current headspace. If you’re feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, or stressed by work, it’ll be beneficial to both parties for you to share encouragement from a distance. Rather than committing to a lengthy conversation, send a card, a text, or an email simply knowing that you see them, you’re cheering them on, and you’ll be there for them when you’re ready.

Additionally, this is where self-care comes into play, proving all the more that the adage rings true: self-care isn’t selfish. We do the things that feel supportive and energizing for ourselves so that we can show up most aligned and engaged. Identify three things you can do each day to make you feel like yourself. That could be reading for 10 minutes, taking a brief walk, and making a nourishing meal. Whatever supports you, prioritize exactly that.

People watch and learn from how we treat ourselves, so be sure to always start with kindness and self-compassion.

From there, start by modeling encouraging behaviors and language. Applaud yourself when something goes right and practice patience when you do something wrong. People watch and learn from how we treat ourselves, so be sure to always start with kindness and self-compassion.

2. Celebrate the Small Wins

When it comes to knowing how to encourage someone, this is one of my favorite tips. While we may think that we have to wait until the life-changing milestones hit to be able to hype someone up, it’s actually in the small, everyday accomplishments and achievements that our praise and encouragement matter most.

It’s because the power of recognition can completely transform how someone thinks of themselves. The little things we do—whether it’s appreciating someone’s ability to overcome obstacles in unseen ways or applauding their behind-the-scenes efforts that don’t get factored into the final product—add up. (How you do anything is how you do everything.) So when we consistently make small efforts trusting that we’re seen and appreciated, it can be enough to continuously spark motivation and build momentum in profound ways.

Some ways you can celebrate the small wins include:

  • Send a co-worker a Slack congratulating them on completing a weeks-long project.
  • Applaud a friend for being present in your conversation.
  • Notice how someone creatively expresses themselves.
  • Tell a sibling how inspired you are by how they prioritize their hobbies.
Image by Belathée Photography

3. Practice Effective Listening

Three words: always be present. When it comes to being there for someone—motivating them and lifting them up—your ability to do so effectively comes down to empathy. Effective listening looks like:

  • Body language that communicates presence. Turn toward them, make eye contact, and provide non-verbal cues like head nodding to show them you care and are curious.
  • Ask questions. Without speaking over them, ask questions that can provide guidance and shape to the internal conflict they’re reflecting on. An effective listener encourages self-reflection.
  • Listen without judgment. Your goal is to create space for what’s being said. Rather than influence the conversation’s trajectory, it’s important to allow the person to come to their own conclusions, while still providing encouragement and positivity. It’s a careful balance, but one that’s crucial to master.

4. Express Gratitude

The truth is, we don’t encourage someone just to encourage someone. Yes, offering hype and excitement can be a selfless act, but more often than not, that person’s actions positively impact you. Whether they make you happier or inspire you to grow, posit that encouragement in a statement of gratitude. Some examples can include:

  • I’m grateful for the way you always know how to make me laugh.
  • I’m so thankful for your capacity for introspection because it helps me reflect and ask how I can improve myself.
  • I’m inspired by how your leadership keeps our team on task and motivated.
Image by Michelle Nash

5. Make It a Habit

The more consistent we are with encouraging others, the easier it becomes to make it a natural, habitual part of our routine. Isn’t it funny how, because we’re often afraid to share how we feel, encouragement may seem awkward or uncomfortable at first? When it comes to encouraging someone, I like to live by the rule that when you notice something, say something.

I’ll admit: I’m a shy, introverted person. I’m much more comfortable keeping to myself than going out of my way to strike up a conversation with someone I don’t know well. And no matter how you see yourself, this is often true for most people. We’d rather move throughout our lives without straying from routine. But when we make encouraging others an everyday, consistent ritual, it becomes a part of our identity, and therefore, all the easier to implement.

If you like someone’s outfit, let them know! Or perhaps you admired their grace and composure in their presentation. Maybe it’s as simple as telling your barista that your morning cappuccino is always *chef’s kiss.* Remember: when you notice something, say something.

6. Be Honest and Authentic

What’s the difference between flattery and actual praise? The latter is excessive and insincere, whereas true encouragement is honest and authentic. Trust me: When you’re complimenting someone to further your own interests (or simply to feel better about yourself), it comes through—and people will know.

Part of the benefit of orienting your life toward encouragement is that you begin to notice opportunities for it wherever you go. When you make it a habit (see above), you begin to feel grateful for the small ways people positively impact you and how their presence alone is a gift. So be honest with yourself and others, and authentically, truthfully, and positively lift them up.

7. Remember: It Always Makes a Difference

I used to think, They wouldn’t care if I told them how much their work meant to me. Or, It’s weird if I tell them how inspiring I find their content on social media. I’ll leave you with these parting words: encouragement never goes unnoticed. So share the compliment with the stranger. Send a kind Slack to your co-worker. Write a loving note to your partner and slip it in their work bag. With each word of kindness and support, we build a more caring and compassionate community around us.