How an Often-Overlooked Detail Can Set the Tone for Your Home

In the world of interior design, even the smallest details have a major impact on a room’s look and feel. Case in point: plumbing fixtures and hardware. I incorporated the brilliance of Kallista to bring my design vision to life in our Malibu renovation.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

Creating Impact

Plumbing fixtures are one of those decisions that many people leave until the end—and those decisions require all of the wisdom I’ve learned from my many renovation projects. For our coastal California home, I took a different route by choosing the metals and finishes that will grace the sinks and showers early on in the project. I wanted to lock in that decision as part of my vision that will help guide the other elements of each space.

My choice was one of equal parts beauty and utility. I looked to Kallista, the revered manufacturer of luxury faucets and fixtures, to add the hardworking touches to various rooms.

Alexander Dornbracht, Managing Director for Kallista, notes that with our choice to include the brand comes a functional luxury. “Our products showcase a compelling beauty to enhance your space, ” says Dornbracht. ”They simultaneously offer a quality composition that makes your everyday routines more enjoyable.”

A Stunning Statement 

Since KALLISTA offers a wide range of forms and finishes, we had a sea of options to navigate. But my design eye was set on the brand’s unlacquered brass, a warm, inviting metal with a rich aged patina. In addition to the finish, I fell in love with the clean, quiet sophistication of Kallista’s One collection. I wanted to embrace its simple design throughout our home.

I admit I swooned over unlacquered brass hardware for many years, but it was never the ideal fit for our current more contemporary Austin residence. This “living finish” was perfect for our coastal California beach house, in which we’re imbuing materials from the earth—from stone and wood to linen and clay. The warmth and softness that unlacquered brass brings to a kitchen or bath will feel right at home in the casual, sun-bleached palette I’m envisioning.

Dornbracht agrees. “Our sought-after Unlacquered Brass finish not only adds a deep golden hue but furthermore a unique, timeless patina that evolves with the space.”

The “Jewelry” of the Home

If there’s one element of the KALLISTA pieces that strikes me the most, it’s the products’ humility in the face of their beauty. They work hard, allowing our hands to maneuver them countless times a day, all the while offering an unparalleled touch. I believe they’ll offer a contrast and tension with the rest of the home’s materials, creating an aesthetic that invites the eye to linger, absorb, and find unique beauty in each space. 

This is all a case for honoring the small details. “Think of Kallista fixtures as the ‘jewelry’ of the home,” says Dornbracht.

Countertops Can Set the Tone for Your Whole Kitchen—Here’s How to Choose the Right One

As a design lover with a passion for breathing new life into every space, I’ve learned this truth time and again: high-quality materials matter. The function, aesthetic beauty, and utilitarian ease they offer a home is absolutely game changing. And for more than a decade, I’ve used Caesarstone countertops in every one of my design projects. Below, I’m sharing more on why I continue to look to the quartz countertop pioneer.

Featured image courtesy of Caesarstone.

Image courtesy of Caesarstone

A Beautiful Workhouse

In considering a home’s functionality, the countertops are the quiet heroes. Think of our daily acts, from meal prep to sipping coffee. It’s the foundational slabs that provide the canvas for whatever our time in the kitchen brings. Even more so, I see countertops as the key that brings a kitchen together—which is why it was one of the first decisions I made at the start of my Malibu home renovation.

Whether you choose a simple countertop that blends into the environment or one that makes a bold statement, it’s an element that impacts not only the look of the kitchen but also how you live day-to-day.

Image courtesy of Caesarstone

Superior Strength

It was these reasons—durability, aesthetics, and reliability—that led me to choose Caesarstone for my coastal California home. Caesarstone pioneered the Quartz surface more than 30 years ago. In the decades following, the company’s countertops, which more recently also include innovative porcelain, have caught the attention of countless design minds for their luxurious look and ability to last a lifetime.

“Not only are these surfaces design-forward with robust patterns with rich colors, but their superior strength also sets them apart,” says Lori Shapiro, Public Relations Manager for Caesarstone North America.

Image courtesy of Caesarstone

Honoring the Earth

With every decision I’ve made for the Malibu renovation, sustainability has been top of mind. How do this product and its maker consider the earth and all stakeholders? This question is at Caesarstone’s core. “It all starts with the earth’s raw minerals and keeping a focus on human responsibility,” says Shapiro.

“The journey begins with responsible sourcing to maximize our sustainable footprint. Then, throughout the production process, we make sure our factories meet strict environmental guidelines and recycling practices.”

Extending this ethos is the element of beauty. As I’ve honed in on all materials for my Malibu renovation, I’ve looked to tones and colors that complement the surrounding landscape. And Caesarstone’s wide assortment of calming, neutral hues works perfectly within my overall palette.

My Top Caesarstone Picks

As I considered various samples from Caesarstone, I laid them out next to other materials I’ll be incorporating into my home to see how each element plays against the others. Caesarstone’s Topus Concrete, a warm greige quartz, is the frontrunner, which complements the organic woods with concrete elements throughout the rest of the space. I love the movement and variation that gives this stone a very high design look.

The enduring beauty and strength of these countertops will undoubtedly provide an anchor in this house for all that’s to come.