I Work in Fashion, and These 12 Style Trends Will Be Everywhere In 2024

2023 was the year of quiet luxury, Barbiecore, and coquette. For me, it was also the year I started finding a groove with my style—taking more chances and wearing more of what I love. It helps that I not only work in fashion but also alongside some of the most stylish people I know. (Our office mirror is famous for capturing some incredible OOTDs.)

One of the hardest, yet most fun, parts about my job is trying to predict what will sell 12 months in advance by identifying and choosing the top 2024 fashion trends to lean into throughout the year. From studying the runways to gaining inspiration from style icons, to letting my creativity run a bit wild, it’s safe to say I’ve done my research on the fashion trends that’ll soon take over your feeds.

Whether you’re looking to reinvent your style in the new year or simply wondering what we’ll all be wearing this year, I’ve rounded up the top 2024 fashion trends below—plus photo inspo and my favorite pieces to help make each look your own.

And though it’s easy to go crazy buying up the latest trending items on Zara and H&M, my number one piece of advice when it comes to trends is to shop your closet first. While it’s always fun to treat yourself to something new, chances are, some of these 2024 fashion trends are spin-offs from years past and you might be able to give new life to something that’s been gathering dust in the back of your closet. I’ve also recently started “shopping” Pinterest, saving outfits that I like, and trying to recreate them with pieces I already own. Remember: Curating a wardrobe you love is a journey, and it’s one that she be approved with thoughtfulness and care.

Every product is curated with care by our editors and we’ll always give an honest opinion, whether gifted or purchased ourselves. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

Chocolate Brown

Red was the main character of 2023, from Hailey Bieber’s strawberry girl makeup to pops of red taking over our TikTok feeds. Moving into the new year, it’s time to dip those strawberries into chocolate because rich brown tones are taking over in 2024. A monochrome chocolate brown look exudes quiet luxury, but if you want to get creative with color, mixing browns and blacks will earn you a stamp of approval from stylists. Though once a fashion faux pas, rules are meant to be broken, and this color combo is an easy on-trend look.

Maximalist Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, more is more—a little something I learned from the queen of maximalist jewelry herself, Rocky Barnes. Just like mixing browns and blacks, styling both gold and silver jewelry is one of my favorite 2024 fashion trends on the rise. Dip your toe into this trend with a pair of chunky earrings from brands like Heaven Mayhem and pile strands of vintage-inspired necklaces from Galley Los Angeles to your neckline. 

Flirty Fem

2023 has been coined the year of the girl, with Margot Robbie and the Barbie movie creating a craze for all things pink. And of course, ballet flats made an unexpected comeback (we all love an underdog story!). After seeing about a thousand Christmas trees with coquette-style bows to replace ornaments, I have a feeling this trend isn’t going anywhere, though it will take on some new forms in the new year. A-line silhouettes, peplums, and lace are a few of the girliest 2024 fashion trends we can expect to see. 

Big (And I Mean BIG) Bags

Though the microscopic Louis Vuitton handbag made headlines in 2023, oversized catch-all bags will be newsworthy in 2024. Practicality is back in style and the fashion girlies are carrying bags that will actually carry their stuff—without sacrificing style, of course. The Row leads the charge on this trend, but don’t worry, you can still get the look for less. 

Layers on Layers

If you’re a bit wary of bold fashion trends, let layering be your style goal for 2024. Layering will be the mark of a “cool girl” this year, while also being achievable for anyone. Letting a sliver of a white tee shirt peek through from underneath a sweater, adding a frilly sock to your go-to loafers, or tossing on a quilted vest over a collared shirt are just a few easy, small ways to make an outfit more interesting.

Wrong Shoe Theory

This is one of my favorite 2023 styling tips that’s growing legs in 2024. Coined via TikTok, The Wrong Shoe Theory states that an outfit is made more interesting with an unexpected shoe—AKA, be bold with your styling choices.

If you were to wear a very feminine outfit, The Wrong Shoe Theory would say that a chunky sneaker or boot would take the look to the next level. In contrast, a sportier or edgier look should be paired with a ballet flat or slingbacks. Keep this in mind as you shop your closet for 2024 fashion trends, as just making a funky footwear choice will set you well on your way.  

Barrel Leg Jeans

While this shape may not be for everyone, barrel-leg or horseshoe jeans are the style of the new year. With a high waist and a voluminous leg, these pants give you a bit more shape than ultra-baggy wide-leg denim, while still steering clear of the skinny jean. It’s unexpected and can be surprisingly flattering—we’re here for it.

Testing Textures

NYC Wardrobe Stylist Mac Rose has gone viral on TikTok for her advice that “if an outfit is not interesting through color, then it has to be interesting through shape. If it’s not interesting through shape, then it has to be interesting through texture.”

I’ve loved seeing how everyone interprets this styling advice through their videos. But what really sticks out to me is the use of texture to create a unique outfit. Pleats, sequins, and sherpa were all over the fashion week runways and never fail to add depth and interest.

Pointed Toe Shoes

As a self-diagnosed shoe addict, pointed toe sandals and slingbacks might be my favorite of the 2024 fashion trends—though they had to grow on me. (Before I could fully adopt the trend, I had to erase the image of the Wicked Witch under Dorothy’s house from my mind.) Now, I see the shoes for their chic ability to elongate your legs and add sass to a look. Try pairing a pointed-toe with a long trouser or jean, letting just the tip of the shoe make its point—metaphorically and literally. 

Mini Everything (Except Your Bag)

While bags are getting bigger, clothes are getting smaller. One of the 2024 fashion trends that is slowly making its way from the runway to our wardrobes is micro mini shorts and skirts. These barely-there bottoms are a chance to go bold with your styling. Though the full extent of this trend intimidates even me, you can still hop on the bandwagon with traditional shorts and mini skirts. Adding tights to the look can tone down the drama as needed.

Relaxed Tailoring

Overly oversized silhouettes are slowly on the out, and relaxed, yet tailored styles are heading back in. Skinny jeans remain in exile, but straight-legged denim, form-fitted blazers, and stylish suiting are roaming the streets. Look for styles that are loose enough to be comfy but fitted enough to show your shape when building your 2024 wardrobe. 

All Things Sheer

Sheer is chic in 2024. Another trend that you can embody to varying degrees, try adding a bold burgundy tight under your mini skirt or go head-to-toe with a sheer dress over Skims undergarments. Mesh shoes even had a moment in 2023, which is a testament that this trend is going big—and not going home anytime soon.

19 Gifts For the Work Wife Who Always Lights Up Your Slack

While we’ve thankfully said goodbye to the era of girl bossing and giving into hustle culture, there’s still plenty to love about what you do. Maybe you’re passionate about the projects you lead or the vision you contribute to each day. Or perhaps the people you work with are the best. (Not to brag, but I’m lucky to have all three.) If you love the people you share your 9-5—or whenever to whenever—with, that’s something worth celebrating. To bring a little joy to your work wives this holiday season, we rounded up the best co-worker gift ideas that’ll make their EOY all the more special.

A gift can say so much. It can communicate your gratitude for the many hours your work bestie has listened to you vent. A gift can say how much you admire their organization (or that you were paying attention when your favorite co-worker said they wanted to “get it together” in the new year). It can solidify the more-than-a-work-thing bond you share—and remind them that you’re here to cheer them on, no matter what.

Featured image from our interview with Babba Rivera by Michelle Nash.

Image by Michelle Nash

The Best Co-Worker Gift Ideas That Won’t Get Regifted

From accessories that’ll beautify their desk space to productivity boosters that’ll take their work ethic to the next level, we came up with the best co-worker gift ideas to show them your appreciation—and to confirm: there’s no one you’d rather spend your Monday through Friday with.

Every product is curated with care by our editors and we’ll always give an honest opinion, whether gifted or purchased ourselves. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

HAY Colorblock Chopsticks (Set of 6)

For the co-worker who takes her lunch break *seriously*—as we all should. These vibrant, colorblock chopsticks are sure to level up even the saddest desk lunch.

Bala 1 Pound Bangles

They’re passionate about their walking breaks—and even curate a queue of podcasts to fit the vibe. Bala’s forever-viral weighted bangles are the easiest way to win over your office’s ultimate multitasker.

Casa Zuma Solstice Mug

Mugs make the best gifts. They signify comfort and coziness. Plus, she’ll always think of you when she pours her first cup of coffee in the morning. (Arguably the best association you could want for yourself.) This no-handle, sweet stoneware mug is the perfect desk accessory, and one she’ll reach for again and again. Consider it an aesthetic step-up from a “Best Boss” mug—with all the same intentions, included.

Monogram Night Gardenia Candles

When it comes to co-worker gift ideas, candles are a no-brainer. But a monogrammed, hand-painted glass vessel? Y’all, this is a far cry from any Yankee Candle you might have otherwise considered. The scent is floral and fruity, making it the perfect burn for when they’ve had enough of the fir, vanilla, and oaky candles that dominate this time of year.

Baggu Reusable Bags (Set of 3)

Do you also find yourself balancing a million things—lunch, file folders, work bag, and coffee—on your way into the office? (Appropriately labeled #girlphysics.) Chances are, your co-worker is doing the same dance. Make life a little easier and things a little lighter by gifting them a trio of Baggu’s recycled, reusable bags. I guarantee, she’ll have at least one of these in hand (with another in her purse, the third in her desk) every day of the week.

Schoolhouse Skier Incense Smoker Set

While I often reach for candles in lieu of incense, I have this sweet little wooden skier smoking all throughout the holiday season. The pine-scented incense cones set the perfect cozy vibe. And don’t say that just looking at it doesn’t make you smile. (This cheaper option is a great alternative.)

Londontown Mauvelous Lakur Trio

A trio of polishes in wearable colors that work any time of year? It’s everything a manicure-obsessed co-worker could want. Shades of mauve, berry, and pearl strike the perfect balance of vibrant and classic. This gift is sure to save them a few trips to the salon while keeping their look perfectly polished.

Bistro Tile À La Mode Pie Dish

In her free time, your work wife is a regular Ina Garten. She invites you over for happy hour drinks with a full spread of stunning bites and knows no better way to spend a weekend than with a marathon baking sesh. Oh—and this year, she’s committed to perfecting her pies. This minimalist dish is full of personality with its Parisian-inspired design. It’s a go-to gift and one that makes polishing off a pie all the more tempting.

Snow Day Cutout Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornament

Ornaments just make sense this time of year, and gifting them is a thoughtful way to add to your co-worker’s collection. Given the low price point on these snowflakes, it’d be sweet to share a trio that highlights the intricate delicacy of one of our favorite elements of the season.

Casa Zuma Salt Cellar

Salt amplifies the flavor of everything you cook and bake. (Yes, your chocolate chip cookies need it!) Because everything functional deserves a beautiful home, this sweet little salt cellar is perfect placed next to the stove or brought to the dining table. To round out the gift, pair the salt cellar with a box of flaky Maldon sea salt.

J. Crew Cashmere-blend trouser socks

Coziness and warmth wrapped up in an ultra-soft and chic gift—these socks say it all. They pair perfectly with the ballet flats she unearthed from the back of her closet or the Uggs she wears every week without fail. Select from nine colors and expect to see these on repeat.

Quince Mongolian Cashmere Wrap

It’s a given: no matter your office, it’s always bound to be freezing. This luxe cashmere wrap—available in 10 colors—will live draped over her chair. It’s an effortless and elegant addition to any outfit, for any occasion.

The Creative Act by Rick Rubin

Named one of our favorite self-help books, The Creative Act is the ultimate guide to living an inspired life. The meditative passages read like poetry, and it’s a great book to reference whenever they’re craving a spark of creativity.

Oak Essentials Santo Wood Candle

Oak Essentials, Jenni Kayne’s skincare-centric brand, carries a tightly curated offering of self-care gifts. This earthy candle is perfect for the season without learning too holiday. (You know the ones.) Top notes of anise, eucalyptus, and bergamot blend with papyrus, white birch, and sandalwood. The scent is exactly what I want while curled up on the couch with a cup of tea.

CB2 Glass Cloche with Black Matches

Every desk—even if it’s the makeshift table in your work wife’s living room—deserves a sweet accessory or two. And because candles are the ultimate addition to a wellness-minded workspace, she’ll need a set of matches as well. This cloche adds a nice touch of visual interest to her otherwise minimalist desk.

Wilde House Paper Intentional Planner 2024

Google Calendar? I don’t know her. If your co-worker leans more analog, she’ll find nothing more satisfying than a fresh planner to fill with her dreams and accomplishments throughout the year. Complete with worksheets, journal prompts, reflection pages, and space for her goals and intentions, this is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves a good manifesting sesh.

Threshold™ Solid Chenille Knit Throw Blanket

Whether draped over her couch or keeping her warm at her desk, this knit throw epitomizes cozy elegance. It comes in a range of colors, ensuring you find the perfect comfy staple that she’ll pull out daily.

Herbivore Botanicals Coconut Bath Soak

Herbivore Botanicals is our go-to for all things topical self-care. This bath soak is as soothing to the skin as it is to her deadline-filled mind. It’s nourishing, decadent, and safe for even sensitive skin. Trust me: a little touch of luxury like this goes a long way. (Psst… this could be the sign she needs to use up that PTO!)

Avaline Pinot Noir

Co-worker gift ideas begin and end with Avaline’s Pinot Noir. For after-work happy hours, cozy homemade dinners, and everything in between, this organic Pinot Noir is always a perfect pairing. It’s light and fruity, featuring notes of wild raspberry and cherry that blend for an easy-drinking glass.

This post was originally published on November 12, 2022, and has since been updated.

Do Gut Health Supplements Actually Work? A Nutritionist Explains

In the quest for better gut health, we’ve tried it all (err, most). From probiotics to prebiotics, enzymes to elixirs, we’ve always hoped for the best… but led with a dose of skepticism. After all, it’s hard to know if your probiotic is actually doing anything. Been there, experienced that. Plus, not all supplements are created equal. With that in mind, do gut health supplements live up to the hype? Or—are we all being duped into believing a specific pill, powder, or capsule holds the promise of a healthier digestive system? Today, we’re digging deep into the debate.

Spoiler alert: once you separate science from the sensationalism, certain supplements are the real deal. And good news! We’ve parsed out the best gut health supplements for you. Get our tips and tricks for supporting your digestive system in a simple yet effective way.

Featured image by Ashleigh Amoroso.

Why does gut health matter?

In many ways, your gut is a bustling control center. It’s the place where everything from digestion to mood regulation come together. In other words, gut health isn’t just about minimizing bloating. It’s a powerhouse that affects your entire well-being.

Home to trillions of microbes, your gut microbiota is working around the clock to digest food, extract nutrients, and shield you from toxins. Simultaneously, it’s bolstering your immunity and encouraging a happier mind. Whether you’re chasing fewer tummy woes or a better demeanor, nurturing your gut health is paramount.

Image by Michelle Nash

How to Support Your Digestive System

Fortunately, supporting your digestive system—through lifestyle and nutrition choices—isn’t rocket science (nor should it put a dent in your wallet). Below are a few key tips to help you maintain a happy gut.

Prioritize a balanced diet

No surprise here. When possible, consume a variety of whole, minimally-processed foods: low-glycemic fruits, cooked vegetables, sprouted whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

Enjoy fermented foods

Incorporate probiotic-rich foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi into your diet. These encourage the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

Limit inflammatory oils and refined sugars

High-sugar and highly processed foods can disrupt your gut microbiome’s balance. Focus on nourishing oils—like extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil—as well as raw honey, pure maple syrup, and date syrup (in moderation).

Stay hydrated

Drink up! Filtered water, that is. Staying hydrated helps maintain the mucosal lining of your digestive tract and aids in digestion. Digestive teas work great as well.

Eat mindfully

Easier said than done, but try to eat slowly (put your fork down between bites), chew your food thoroughly, and savor your meal. All of these habits aid in the digestive process. Additionally, minimize overeating, as it can put unnecessary strain on your digestive system.

Exercise regularly

When it comes to gut health, physical activity is two-pronged: it helps regulate bowel movements and is a stress-reliever (stress, as we know, can put strain on your digestive system).

Get adequate sleep

Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night. This allows your body to rest and repair, including your digestive system.

Image by Michelle Nash

Do you need a gut health supplement?

Depends, of course! In many cases, maintaining a balanced diet and low-stress lifestyle can naturally support gut health. However, certain circumstances (digestive disorders, antibiotic use, or specific dietary restrictions) may warrant targeted supplements. When in doubt, chat with your healthcare provider. They can help determine if a gut health supplement is a beneficial addition to your wellness routine. Ultimately, a supplement should be part of a broader strategy for maintaining a healthy gut.

How to Choose the Best Gut Health Supplement

Overwhelmed by your variety of options? We can help. To make an informed decision, consider the following factors:

  1. Consult with your doctor. As mentioned, they can assess your specific needs, health goals, and any underlying medical conditions to provide personalized recommendations.
  2. Identify your goals. Determine your primary reason for considering a gut health supplement. Are you looking to alleviate specific digestive issues, improve overall gut health, or boost your immune system? Understanding your goals will help you choose the right supplement.
  3. Research ingredients. Look for supplements that contain clean, minimal, and scientifically-proven ingredients. Furthermore, look for reputable brands that adhere to good manufacturing practices. These products are more likely to be of high quality and free from contaminants.
  4. Probiotic strain and CFUs. Check the supplement label for specific probiotic strains (e.g., Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum) and the number of colony-forming units (CFUs). The appropriate strain and CFU count can vary depending on your needs—again, your healthcare provider can help with this.
  5. Prebiotic content. Prebiotics are substances that feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Supplements containing prebiotic—like inulin, chicory root, or fructooligosaccharides—can be beneficial.
  6. Allergen information. If you have food allergies or sensitivities, check for potential allergens in the supplement, such as dairy, gluten, or soy.
Image by Michelle Nash

Are refrigerated gut health supplements superior?

Not necessarily. Refrigerated gut health supplements—like probiotics—aren’t inherently superior to non-refrigerated ones. The need for refrigeration depends on the specific strains in the supplement. In other words, some strains are more sensitive to temperature and moisture than others. Refrigeration can help preserve their viability, ensuring they remain active and effective. However, non-refrigerated probiotics can also have a stable shelf life if properly packaged.

Have you heard of soil-based probiotics? Also known as spore-forming probiotics—or SBOs (soil-based organisms)—they’re a specific type of probiotic supplement. As their name suggests, SBOs contain bacteria strains naturally found in soil. Unlike traditional probiotics, these contain a protective shell. This is particularly helpful for navigating the stomach’s acidic environment. In other words, this shell allows the probiotic bacteria to remain dormant until they reach the intestines—where they can germinate and become active.

Image by Michelle Nash

The Best Gut Health Supplements for Every Need

Every product is curated with intention and research, and we’ll always give an honest opinion, whether gifted or purchased ourselves. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

Cymbiotika Probiotic

Crafted with exceptional ingredients, Cymbiotika’s Probiotic includes 19 probiotic strains, plant-based prebiotics, and a unique blend of amino acids. Their formula is a quadruple thread: it helps balance gut microbiome, boosts energy levels, lowers stress, and reduces digestive issues.

Just Thrive Probiotic

Want to give SBOs a whirl? Try Just Thrive! It’s spore-based, meaning that it actually makes its way to your digestive tract—where it’s needed.

Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic

Scroll social media, and you’re bound to find an influencer touting their love for Seed. But we get the hype. As with any supplement, the key is to be consistent with your regimen. However, hopefully you’ll notice an improvement in digestion and regularity in a matter of weeks.

Ora Trust Your Gut High Potency Probiotic & Prebiotic

If antibiotics were (or are) a part of your health journey, consider adding Trust Your Gut to your home apothecary. Best of all, this probiotic doesn’t need to be refrigerated and contains 11 clinically-studied and acid-resistant strains.

Thorne Advanced Digestive Enzymes

A true staple, these enzymes help keep the digestive system moving and lessens discomfort after a large or hard-to-digest meal. This supplement is also known to support the gut’s natural aging process or after gallbladder removal.

ION* Gut Support

Ready to live your best gut-happy life? This liquid wellness supplement diversifies your microbiome, supports healthy digestion, defends from toxins, and improves nutrient absorption. It’s also proven to strengthen the gut lining, improving overall gut function. Plus, it’s gentle enough for your whole family!

ARMRA Colostrum

If you haven’t hopped on the colostrum train, this supplement is worth the hype. Strengthen your entire body’s health—skin, lung, gut barrier, immunity, etc.—with this powerful and potent powder.

Microbiome Lab FODMATE

Familiar with pesky FODMAPs? If so, take a peek at this supplement. Microbiome Lab’s innovative enzyme formula is designed to provide relief from occasional cramping, bloating, gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and constipation that may result from the consumption of high FODMAP foods.

Emma Daily Digestive Supplement

Science-backed and doctor-approved, Emma’s formula harnesses the power of natural ingredients to soothe your digestive woes. With licorice, star anise, quercetin, berberine, and resveratrol, Emma gets to the root cause—helping not only to relieve symptoms like bloating and constipation but to also support strong gut health in the long-term.